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This information is for AdMob users only. AdMob is a mobile app advertising platform for app developers. If you don't have an AdMob account, we recommend you:

App and account blocking controls

Using the blocking controls built into AdMob, there are several options for reviewing and controlling the ads that appear in your appsBlocking controls may be applied to a single app or to your entire account.

To find the blocking controls in AdMob: 

  • App-level blocking controls: Click Apps in the sidebar and select the name of your app from the list. Click Blocking controls under your app's name in the sidebar.
    Note: All blocking controls at the app level, except for the Ad review center, apply only for the app that the settings were saved for. All creatives that are blocked in the Ad review center are blocked for the entire AdMob account.
  • Account-level blocking controls: Click Blocking controls near the bottom of the sidebar in the AdMob user interface.

Ad blocking options

The following options are available for ad blocking:

  • General categories: You can block ads from general categories such as Apparel, Internet, Real Estate, and Vehicles.
  • Sensitive ad categories: You can block ads from categories related to sensitive topics such as Religion, Politics, and References to Sex and Sexuality. Sensitive category blocking is available for ads in a limited set of languages, regardless of the language of the app.
  • App install ads: You can block app install ads (also known as "click-to-download" ads) that advertise specific applications by blocking the application ID.
  • Advertiser URLs: You can block ads from specific advertiser URLs. For example, you might not want to show your competitions' ads on your apps.
  • Ad content rating: You can block ads using an age-appropriate rating system similar to those used for movies.
  • Ad networks: You can block ads from specific ad networks. (Account-level blocking controls only)
  • Ad review center: You can review individual ads and assess whether you want to continue showing them in your apps. (Account-level blocking controls only)
  • California Privacy Rights Act: You can manage your CPRA settings. (Account-level blocking controls only)
  • EU user consent: You can manage your GDPR settings. (Account-level blocking controls only)
  • Other settings: You can change other blocking controls settings in AdMob, such as allowing additional ad technology vendors in your account. (Account-level blocking controls only)
Tip: Keep in mind that blocking any ad will lower your potential earnings, as it reduces competition for your ad space by removing advertiser bids from the auction. We suggest blocking only those ads that you feel are unsuitable for your users.



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