Report on Ad Exchange in Ad Manager

How to see Ad Exchange performance in Ad Manager reporting

There are a few ways to report on Ad Exchange in Ad Manager, and each provides a different view of performance. This is a guide to each report type, along with the dimensions and metrics available.

Historical reports versus Ad Exchange historical reports

There are two main report types you can use in Ad Manager to report on Ad Exchange performance: the "Historical" report and the "Ad Exchange historical" report. These reports include different data, so it's important to choose your report type carefully.

  • The Historical report type provides a view of your Ad Manager network's Ad Exchange activity, including requests transacted through any linked Ad Exchange network.
  • The Ad Exchange historical report type centers on the primary Ad Exchange account's activity, including requests transacted through other Ad Manager networks or direct Ad Exchange tags.
Don't compare Historical reports and Ad Exchange historical reports
Since these reports can include significantly different sets of data, only use the Ad Manager Historical report type when comparing Ad Exchange performance with other line items or third-party exchanges in Ad Manager.

What's included in each report type

  Primary Ad Exchange account All linked Ad Exchange accounts Requests filled by other Ad Manager networks linked to the Ad Exchange account Requests not filled by Ad Manager from direct Ad Exchange tags
Historical Supported Supported
Ad Exchange historical Supported Supported Supported

Understand report metrics and dimensions

The following dimensions and metrics can reflect Ad Exchange performance in Ad Manager reports, but not all reflect the totality of Ad Exchange traffic and revenue. For example, when the "Yield partner" reporting dimension is used, metrics shown for "DoubleClick Ad Exchange" will only include impressions from Ad Manager yield groups.

What Ad Exchange events are included

    Report type Ad Manager yield groups 1 Ad Manager Ad Exchange line item types Ad Exchange tags in other Ad Manager line item types 2 Direct Ad Exchange tags 3 Ad Manager Preferred Deals 4
Dimensions Demand channel is "Ad Exchange" Historical Supported Supported
Yield partner is "DoubleClick Ad Exchange" Historical Supported
Yield partner is "not applicable" Historical Supported Supported Supported
Metrics Total Historical Supported Supported Supported Supported
Ad Exchange Historical Supported Supported
Ad server Historical Supported Supported
Yield group Historical Supported
Standard Ad Exchange historical Supported Supported Supported Supported

1 Includes Open Bidding and mediation for mobile apps. An impression appears here if at least one yield group is eligible for the request, even if another "Ad Exchange" line item is also eligible.
2 Some publishers traffic an Ad Exchange tag in Ad Manager using a line item type other than Ad Exchange, such as Price priority. Learn why this isn't recommended.
3 Direct Ad Exchange tags can be trafficked in third-party ad servers, or directly in web or mobile content.
4 Though Ad Manager preferred deals run through the primary Ad Exchange network, they're considered Ad Manager ad server inventory and are excluded from Ad Exchange reporting.

Ad Exchange performance in Open Bidding

Use the Ad Manager Historical report type's "Demand channel" and "Yield partner" dimensions, along with the "Total" metrics and "Yield group" metrics, to see how Ad Exchange performs within and outside of Open Bidding.

Non-Open Bidding transactions

  • Demand channel is "Ad Exchange" and Yield partner is "(not applicable)"

Open Bidding transactions

  • Demand channel is "Ad Exchange" and Yield partner is "DoubleClick Ad Exchange"

Example report

Demand channel Yield partner Total impressions Total CPM, CPC, CPD, and vCPM revenue Yield group impressions Yield group estimated revenue
Ad Exchange (not applicable) 500,000 $5,000.00 0 $0.00
Ad Exchange DoubleClick Ad Exchange 100,000 $1,000 100,000 $1,000
Exchange Bidding My first exchange 80,000 $80.00 80,000 $80.00
Open Bidding My second exchange 30,000 $30.00 30,000 $30.00
Total (4 rows) 710,000 $6,110.00 210,000 $1,110.00

In the example Ad Manager Historical report above, Ad Exchange performance is found rows 1-2. Third-party exchange impressions and revenue are found in rows 3-4.

  • Row 1: Ad Exchange delivery outside of Ad Manager yield groups, transacted through an "Ad Exchange" Ad Manager line item.
  • Row 2: Ad Exchange delivery within an Ad Manager yield group for Open Bidding or mediation. An impression appears here if at least one yield group is eligible for the request, even if another "Ad Exchange" line item is also eligible.

To compare how Ad Exchange is performing in Open Bidding versus other third-party exchanges, compare row 2 with rows 3 and 4.

Ad Exchange delivery through Open Bidding is also included in Ad Exchange historical reports.

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