Only available in Google Ad Manager 360.

Check availability of audience segments

Only available in Google Ad Manager 360

Audience Solutions is a Google Ad Manager 360 feature which might not be turned on for your network.

We recommend waiting at least 48 hours before running a forecast on new audience segments, even if they are pre-populated. In addition, forecasting for audience segments is limited to 1,000 segments per identifier (cookie, mobile advertising ID (AdID or IDFA), or PPID).

Checking available inventory for audience segment is similar to setting up a line item except that the end result is an availability forecast. The more information you have about the prospective campaign or line item, the more accurate your forecast will be. Knowing what kind of creatives and what targeting or other delivery settings are intended helps return a better availability forecast.

Ensure you target the audience segments in question when forecasting. 

  1. Navigate to Delivery and then Orders and then.
  2. Click Forecasting.
  3. Select "Ad type": Display (Standard), Display (Master/companion), or Video.

    Ad type describes the kind of ad creative that would be added later and affects the availability forecast. Determine if a display creative or video creative is going to be used. Learn more about Ad type.

    The Display (Master/companion) option allows you to show sets of creatives that served together.

    Only available in Google Ad Manager 360.
  4. Enter inventory sizes and other basic and creative details as you would when setting up a line item. These entries should be based on information you've gathered from your advertiser or buyer about their campaign.
  5. Under "Delivery settings", indicate the expected volume your advertiser or buyer requires. This value is going to be either a quantity of impressions, clicks, or viewable impressions for Standard line item types or a goal for Sponsorship line item types. Under "Quantity" or "Goal", you can either:
    • Select Max available if you don’t have a specific value in mind and want to know the most available.
    • Select Goal to enter a specific value.
  6. Under "Add targeting" section, click Custom targeting to find and target the audience segments in question.
  7. When all details have been entered, click Check inventory.

The results provides you with a breakdown of available impressions, unavailable impressions, or impressions currently reserved by same-or-lower priority line items. You can also check contending line items to see which campaigns compete for the same inventory and, in this case, this same audience segment.

Forecast impressions, clicks, and active users

Use forecasting to estimate how many users your third-party lists are targeting. 

  • For 30-day impressions and 30-day clicks: Check inventory for the segment using a flight date of 30 days.

    The segment must capture data for at least 7 days to be used effectively in forecasting. Segments are most accurate when they are older than 30 days.

  • For 15-day active users: Check inventory for the segment using a flight date of 14 days. Set per-user frequency capping on the line item to 1 impression per 15 days, so that the number of reported impressions equals the number of users.

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