Build first-party segments based on mobile advertising IDs

Only available in Google Ad Manager 360

Audience Solutions is a Google Ad Manager 360 feature which might not be enabled for your network.

You can use audience pixels in apps to build first-party segments. However, you need to pass additional parameters to pull in the mobile advertising IDs (AdID or IDFA):

  • dc_rdid to pass raw IDFA or AdID.

  • dc_lat to pass Limit Ad Tracking signals that a user configured on a device.

    • 1 indicates that the user opts out of audience targeting but opts in to frequency capping.
    • 0 indicates that the user opts in to all tracking.
Note: Make sure to use HTTPS to send the request, to avoid exposing the mobile advertising IDs.

Here’s the sample tag to use for a mobile advertising ID:;dc_iu=/network_ID/first_level_ad_unit/second_level_ad_unit/third_level_ad_unit;dc_seg=segment_ID;dc_rdid=your_resettable_advertising_ID;dc_lat=<0,1>

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