Video Solutions line items and creatives

AdSense and Ad Exchange video and audio

Set up video and audio for AdSense and Ad Exchange in Ad Manager

An AdSense or Ad Exchange property code is required to create an AdSense or Ad Exchange line item in Ad Manager. Before you get started you should make sure you link your account to Ad Manager. Once that's complete, you can create video line items and add creatives.

Create a new video and audio line item

  1. Sign in to Google Ad Manager.
  2. Click Delivery and then Order, select an existing order in the table, then click New line item.

    You can also create a new order before continuing.

  3. Select Video and audio as the ad type.
  4. Name the line item and select AdSense video or Ad Exchange video as the line item type, depending on which property code you're utilizing for this line item. 
  5. Enter the expected creative size and optional companion sizes. Choose Audio for audio ads.

    For Ad Exchange line items serving video, if the VAST response will be rendered via the IMA SDK, you can display vertical video by setting the height (or first) value as the smaller dimension in the video size. A 4:5 video creative ratio is recommended for vertical video.

  6. Enter your remaining line item settings, then click Save.

Add creatives

  1. In the line item, click Creatives and then Add creative and choose the creative size.
  2. Select from the available options.

    • Video format options

      In-stream ads appear before, during, or after content. You can select any or all of in-stream formats, including skippable video, standard video, or audio. Both skippable video and audio allow you to set a maximum ad duration.

      Overlay ads can be text and/or images and cover part of the video content as it plays.

    • Audio format options

      You can set a maximum ad duration.

    Line items do not serve to requests specifying a max duration if one is not set.

    If you are specifying a maximum duration for each ad, the maximum of either the skippable max duration or the standard max duration needs to be smaller than the max duration of each ad in the pod for backfill to be triggered. This ensures that the maximum pod duration is not exceeded by a skippable or a standard ad that might be returned.

  3. Click Save.

If video ad rules are enabled for your network, or for an individual ad tag, non-linear ad types (overlay ads) are not eligible to serve. Video ad rules are only effective for in-stream video ad inventory.

The description URL

For Ad Exchange line items, append the description_url parameter to Ad Manager tags. This is mandatory for publishers using Multiple Customer Management. The description URL is compared to an NPM publisher's list of classified domains to see if ads are eligible to serve. If the description URL doesn't match a classified domain, no ads serve.

The description URL is used to categorize and rate the content on the page. It should be a video or audio specific URL (not the domain for all ad requests). Advertisers can see the content's category (vertical) and rating (G, Teen, Mature, and Not Rated).


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