Control video ad eligibility based on duration

Set up maximum video ad durations for programmatic video requests

You can control programmatic video ad eligibility based on video duration. These controls can either be set up from your video ad tags, the creative settings of an Ad Exchange line item, the programmatic proposal line item settings, or the programmatic video settings for your entire network.

Learn how to use each of these settings to control specific types of programmatic inventory, and how they might affect each other, below.

Control How to set How it's applied

Video ad tags

For standard (single) ad pod requests, set the max_ad_duration in the ad tag.

For optimized pods, use the pmnd and pmxd ad tag parameters to specify the pod minimum and maximum durations, respectively. If you use video ad rules with optimized pods, the pmnd and pmxd ad tag parameters are automatically populated based on each ad break's configuration within the ad rule.

The pmnd and pmxd ad tag parameters operate on a pod basis, unlike the max_ad_duration, which operates on an individual ad basis.

When these ad tag parameters are set, line items are only eligible to serve creatives that meet this criteria.

For example, if a programmatic guaranteed video line item has a creative duration of 60 seconds but the max_ad_duration set on the ad request is 30 seconds, the line item is not eligible to serve.

Creative settings

Set the Maximum ad duration for skippable and/or standard video in your inventory rules for video ads.

When this setting is applied, Open Auction video ad requests are only eligible to serve creatives that meet this criteria.

If a First Look eligible request is also eligible for the Open Auction, all First Look bid responses are subject to the maximum ad duration set here.

Programmatic deal settings

Set the Max duration field in a programmatic proposal line item in Ad Manager.

When this setting is applied, buyers for Programmatic Guaranteed deals are only allowed to assign creatives to the deal that meet this criteria.

For Preferred Deals in Ad Manager, the maximum ad duration determines the length of creatives allowed to serve.

If there are different overlapping duration values across the same deal type for the same inventory (for example, two Preferred Deals of 30s and 35s each), the highest value will be set in the bid request. This can lead to the deal with the shorter duration value transacting with creatives up to the duration of the deal with the longer duration value.

Network settings

Set the Standard duration or Skippable duration under Admin, then Video, then Programmatic settings in Ad Manager.

When these network-level settings are applied, programmatic video ad requests are only eligible to serve creatives that meet the criteria. These settings apply to ad requests that don't otherwise have controls set at the line item or creative level.

For example, both First Look and Open Bidding have their own controls for maximum ad duration. If those are set, those restrictions would apply over these network settings.

The recommended values for in-stream eligible video formats are 30 seconds for non-skippable video.

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