Video Solutions line items and creatives

Create a video line item

Some video features might not be enabled for your network. To learn more, contact your account manager.

  1. Sign in to Google Ad Manager.
  2. Click Delivery and then Orders.
  3. Create a new order, or click an existing order in the table, then click New line item.
  4. Name the line item and select Video VAST.
  5. In the Master field, enter a video size. Suggested video sizes appear as you type, representing the video sizes in your inventory. The letter "v" appears automatically at the end of all video sizes.

    If the VAST response will be rendered via the IMA SDK, you can display vertical video by setting the height (or first) value as the larger dimension in the video size. A 4:5 video creative ratio is recommended for vertical video.

  6. If you're using companion ads, enter the Companion sizes.
  7. Optional: To enter additional master and companion sizes, click Add size.
  8. Define your settings, including the line item type and priority.

    If this is an Ad Exchange line item and you want to compete with other remnant video ad providers on price, it's recommended that you set the line item type to Price Priority, not Ad Exchange.

  9. Next to Rotate creative sets, select one of the following options:

    For more information about these rotation options, see Rotate multiple creatives for a line item.

    • Evenly: Creatives rotate evenly.
    • Optimized: Creative with the highest CTR will be shown more often.
    • Weighted: Creatives rotate at a frequency you specify.
    • Sequential: Creatives rotate in the order you specify.
  10. Optional: If you've selected to run companion ads, select when to Display companions:
    1. Optional: Companion creatives are optional for this line item.
    2. At least one: This line item requires that at least one of the companion creatives appear.
    3. All: This line item requires that all companions appear (one companion for every companion size).
    If the VAST response is not being rendered via the IMA SDK, these delivery options cannot be guaranteed.
  11. Optional: Set a frequency cap for the line item.
    • Next to Frequency, select Set a per user frequency cap.
    • Select Stream to limit the number of impressions per video stream.
  12. Under Add targeting, choose targeting criteria for the line item. You can select one or more of the following options:
    • If available for your network, select Video content to target or exclude videos or categories of videos, or content bundles. Browse to select specific videos, or search across video names and metadata.
    • Select Video position to target pre-rolls, mid-rolls, or post-rolls, or positions within each. Note that you need to have set up ad rules in order to target positions.
    • Select Inventory to assign the line item to one or more ad units. Note that the inventory available here varies depending on the companion delivery option that you selected in step 7.
    • Add key-value pairs.
  13. Click Save and...Upload creatives.


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