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Target mobile apps

It's important to claim your mobile apps in order to make targeting easier within the targeting picker.

Find mobile apps for targeting

Claimed apps appear under the top-level "Mobile application" targeting type wherever the targeting picker can be used and mobile targeting is valid in Google Ad Manager. You can find mobile apps to target, for instance, in the targeting picker for line items, proposal line items, and unified pricing rules.

You can also find and target mobile apps in Inventory rules.

To target claimed Ad Manager apps in Inventory rules, you first need to link Ad Manager and Ad Exchange with a mobile app property code.

Target claimed apps

In Ad Manager

  1. Navigate to the item where you want to target mobile apps, such as a line item.
  2. In the targeting picker, click the Mobile application targeting type to expand. 
  3. Find apps and include or exclude them. You can find an app using the app name or app ID.
  4. Click Save.

In Inventory rules

  1. Navigate to Inventory, then Inventory rules.
  2. The following rule types are available to target:

    • Mobile app channels:

      Click Channels, then Mobile app, then New mobile app channel.

    • Mobile app styles:

      Click Ad types & backup ads, then Mobile app, then New mobile app style.

    • Mobile app video:

      Click Mobile video settings, then Mobile app, then New mobile app video setting.

    • Video ad formats:

      Click Video settings, then Ad formats , then New ad format setting.

    • Unwrapping for VAST redirects:

      Click Video settings, then Unwrapping, then New unwrapping setting.

    • Publisher declarations:

      Click Publisher declarations, then Mobile app, then New publisher declaration.

  3. In the targeting picker, click Mobile application.
  4. Find apps and include or exclude them. You can find an app using the app name or app ID.
  5. Click Save.

See how apps are performing

In reporting, the "App names" dimension (located in the "Platform" dimension category) breaks out performance by app. You don't need to claim apps to report on them.

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