Report on performance

Report types in Ad Manager

Ad Manager offers several report types to help you understand your data:

  • Historical reports: View data on clicks, revenue, click-through rate, and total impressions for dates in the past.
  • Ad Exchange historical: Create and run your Ad Exchange reports from within the Ad Manager reporting tool.
  • Future sell-through: View data on sell-through rate (STR) and forecasted, available, and reserved impressions for dates in the future.
  • Reach: View the estimated number of unique visitors exposed to different advertisers, orders, line items, or ad units in your network over a given time period.    
  • Ad speed: View ad speed data related to ad requests flowing through your Ad Manager network, including linked Ad Exchange web properties.
  • Partner finance: This report type only applies to Track assignments and reflects host-partner revenue splits based on advanced financial configuration.
  • Video creative quality (Beta) : View data on the number of times that each content video is viewed.
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