Set up Meet (for education admins)​​​​​​​

As an administrator for your school or organization, you control the Google Meet features teachers and students can use.

Before you begin: Check the system requirements

Make sure you meet the system requirements for Meet. For details, go to Requirements for using Google Meet.

Step 1: Turn on Meet

You can't change Meet settings for an individual user. For details about turning on Meet for organizational units, groups, or all of your students and teachers, go to Turn on Meet meetings for your organization

Step 2: Use Meet with Classroom

To use Meet with Classroom, Meet must be turned on for the primary teacher in the class. Then, teachers can start a meeting right from Classroom.  For details, go to Set up Classroom for your school.

Step 3: Ensure meeting quality

  1. To ensure teachers or students don't share accounts, provision one account for each user. For details, go to Add an account for a new user.
  2. To limit Meet bandwidth, set the default video quality in the Google Admin console. For details, go to Prepare your network for Meet meetings.
  3. To troubleshoot issues, use the Meet quality tool. For details, go to Track meeting quality and statistics.

Step 4: Turn on Meet features

You can turn on some Meet features exclusively for teachers by setting access controls by age. For details, go to Control access to Google services by age

Turn on live streaming & recording

Recommended only for faculty and staff

Turn on attendance reporting for teachers

You can turn attendance reporting on so that meeting organizers and teachers get a list of who attended their meetings. For details, go to Let organizers get reports on meeting attendance & live stream views.

For more information about the features you can turn on for your users, go to Manage Meet settings (for admins)

Step 5: Use Meet with 3rd-party tools

Step 6: Share support & training resources

Share these resources with your teachers and students:

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