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Find answers to common questions about integrating non-Google video meeting systems with Google Meet.

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Which third-party systems and devices work with Meet?

People in your organization can join Google Meet video meetings from standards-based (SIP/H.323), third-party videoconferencing systems, including:

  • Cisco
  • Polycom
  • Lifesize
  • Sony
  • Microsoft Skype for Business and Surface Hub

See a full list of supported devices.

Can I connect from Google Meet to a Webex meeting?

No. Meet interoperability allows third-party clients to connect to Meet video meetings, but not the other way around.

How can I learn more about interoperability?
To learn more about Meet interoperability using Pexip, contact your Google Account representative.
To contact Pexip directly, email


How can I turn on interoperability for my organization?

To use Meet with a third-party system, you need the Pexip Infinity gateway, which can be run on premise or as a cloud service. For details, see Set up interoperability.

Can I deploy the Pexip Infinity gateway in Google Cloud?
Yes. The Pexip Infinity gateway can be deployed as a managed service running on Google Cloud, on a company's own Google Cloud instance, on-premise, or both (hybrid mode). To learn more about deployment options, go to the Pexip website.
Do I need to deploy and maintain the Pexip Infinity myself?
Pexip and their resellers can help you deploy and use the gateway.
For more details, go to the Pexip website.
How much does it cost?

The ability to turn on Meet interoperability is included with all paid G Suite licenses at no additional cost. You must still purchase a license from Pexip or a Pexip partner.

For pricing information, email Pexip at

Who do I need to contact to get started?

To get started, contact your Google Account manager. 

You can also contact Pexip directly at

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How can I schedule and join meetings from a third-party system?

After your G Suite administrator turns on Meet interoperability for your organization, all new Meet video meetings will automatically include instructions on how to join from third-party systems.

To join an interop-enabled meeting, see Join from a third-party system.

Can I present my screen from a third-party system and see content presented by others?
Yes. You can present content from a third-party system and it will be visible to all participants in the meeting. You can also see content shared by others.
Do third-party systems work with Jamboard as well?
Yes. A Jam session appears as shared content on the third-party system. For details, see Set up Jamboard for video meetings.

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