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Find answers to common questions about integrating non-Google video meeting systems with Google Meet.

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Can I join Meet video conferences from 3rd-party systems?

Yes. People in your organization can join Google Meet video meetings from:

  • Zoom Rooms
  • Cisco Webex devices
  • Other standards-based (SIP/H.323) third-party video conferencing systems via a Pexip gateway, including:
Can I join Cisco Webex and Zoom video conferences from Google Meet?

Yes, People in your organization can join Cisco Webex and Zoom meetings from Google Meet hardware devices using built-in interoperability. This feature is on by default. Administrators can turn this feature off by disabling it in the Admin console. 

You cannot join Webex or Zoom meetings from the Meet web or mobile clients.

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How can I learn more about Pexip interoperability?
To learn more about Meet interoperability using Pexip, contact your Google Account representative.
To contact Pexip directly, email


How can I turn on interoperability for my organization?

Meet hardware devices can join Webex or Zoom meetings at no additional cost. This feature is turned on by default. For details, see Allow Meet hardware to join 3rd party video conferencing services.

To use Meet with other third-party systems, you need the Pexip Infinity gateway, which can be run on premise or as a cloud service. Learn how to Set up interoperability.

Can I deploy the Pexip Infinity gateway in Google Cloud?
Yes. The Pexip Infinity gateway can be deployed as a managed service running on Google Cloud, on a company's own Google Cloud instance, on-premise, or both (hybrid mode). To learn more about deployment options, go to the Pexip website.
Do I need to deploy and maintain the Pexip Infinity myself?
Pexip and their resellers can help you deploy and use the gateway.
For more details, go to the Pexip website.
How much does it cost?

The ability to turn on Meet interoperability is included with all paid Google Workspace licenses at no extra cost.

For Pexip-based systems, you must still purchase a license from Pexip or a Pexip partner.

For pricing information, email Pexip at

Who do I need to contact to get started?

To get started, contact your Google Account manager. 

You can also contact Pexip directly at

User experience

How do I schedule a Webex or Zoom meeting on a Google Meet hardware device?

If a Google Calendar user in your organization owns an event that includes Zoom or Webex meeting details, they can add the room that is associated with a Google Meet hardware device. The meeting will appear on the room’s agenda. 

If the event with Webex or Zoom meeting details originated outside of your organization or from a client other than Google Calendar, the user may not have permission to directly add the room. In this case, they can:

  1. Duplicate the event in Google Calendar.
  2. Add the room with Google Meet hardware to the duplicated event. 
  3. You may want to remove all participants from the duplicated event so they do not get multiple invitations.

Alternatively, they can create their own meeting to invite the conference room and copy and paste the Zoom join details into the description of the event (instead of adding a Meet link). The Meet hardware device should recognize the Zoom join details and display it on the agenda.

For details, see Use Meet Hardware to join a Webex meeting or Use Meet hardware to join a Zoom meeting.
How do I join an ad hoc Webex or Zoom meeting?

To join a meeting that hasn’t been added to the room’s calendar:

  1. Tap Find a meeting on your device’s touch controller.
  2. Select Cisco Webex or Zoom from the dropdown at the top right. 
  3. Enter the meeting code and tap Join
  4. Enter the meeting password if prompted.
How do I schedule meetings to include third-party systems?

When Meet interoperability is turned on for your organization, new calendar events and invites automatically include Meet video conferencing for third-party systems. 

How do participants join meetings from third-party systems?

When Meet interoperability is turned on for an organization, calendar events and invites automatically include joining instructions based on how Meet interoperability is configured.

  • If long meeting IDs are used, participants can join with either a single touch or by entering a meeting code from the calendar event or invite.
  • If only short meeting IDs are used, participants join by manually entering a code that they retrieve using a link in the calendar event or invite.

Learn how to join meetings from third-party systems.

Can I present my screen from a third-party system and see content presented by others?
Yes. When Meet interoperability is turned on for your organization, you can present content from a third-party system and it will be visible to all participants in the meeting. You can also see content shared by others.
You can present your screen using an HDMI connection from devices using interoperability.

How can I use Meet hardware to present in Zoom calls using HDMI

If your organization uses Zoom interoperability, your users can present over an HDMI connection. Turning on interoperability enables presenting with HDMI. For details, go to Allow Meet hardware to join 3rd party video conferencing services.
Do third-party systems work with Jamboard as well?
Yes. When Meet interoperability is turned on for your organization, Jam sessions appear as shared content on third-party systems. Learn how to set up Jamboard for video meetings.

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