About Taiwan VAT

Applies to G Suite, Google Drive Enterprise, and other paid subscriptions in your Google Admin console.

Google applies a 5% value-added tax (VAT) to a Google Account for any customer who purchases electronic services in Taiwan. The tax is applied to comply with Taiwan VAT identification requirement legislation.

Affected customers need to submit their VAT ID to Google. How you submit it depends on how you pay. See details below. Google may use the information you provide to determine the applicable taxes.

If you don’t provide your VAT ID, your account charges might increase.

Note: Google can’t advise you on tax matters. Contact your tax adviser for any questions about taxes.

My payment is deducted automatically

Enter your VAT ID in your payment settings. If you have the Individual account type and a VAT ID, select the Registered individual tax status before entering your VAT ID.

I pay by monthly invoice

To submit your VAT ID, contact G Suite support.

Business entity changes

For some customers, Google has assigned your service terms and conditions from one business entity to another. If so, the new entity is bound by your contract’s Terms of Service and provides services and invoicing.


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