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Welcome to Google Apps

This guide is to help our blind and low-vision users get up and running on Google Apps. The descriptions, tasks, and information provided are for users with Chrome OS devices, and for computers running Windows or Mac operating systems, the Google Chrome web browser, and the ChromeVox screen reader. While our primary focus will be on individuals using screen readers, a lot of this guide will be useful to those who want full keyboard accessibility.

For information on other types of Google accessibility features:

Google’s approach to accessibility

Google’s mission is to make the world’s information more accessible for all users, including people with disabilities, such as visual impairment, color deficiency, and hearing impairment. We’re working towards these goals by:

  • Building accessibility into all Google products
  • Developing accessibility APIs and services for Google Android and ChromeOS platforms
  • Supporting open standards to ensure that the greater Web is accessible through all adaptive technologies

Google Apps offers the ability for people to work and interact together so we’re investing in development to make this collaboration as accessible as possible. We’ve developed active partnerships with advocacy groups and people with disabilities for their input and feedback.

Our Accessibility Team, which is made of up of a diverse group of people, serves as accessibility consultants within Google and develops the accessibility frameworks that product teams build upon. We hope to have a positive impact on the current state of accessibility on the Web, and to continue to serve all of our users.

What is Google Apps?

Google Apps is a collection of web applications for online collaboration, organization, and productivity that provide powerful tools and access to content from the web.

We’ll be covering the following Google Apps in this guide:

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