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Use Google Sites with a screen reader

Supported screen readers for Google Sites

Google Sites works with several screen readers.

Operating system Screen reader Browser
Microsoft Windows NVDA Firefox
Mac VoiceOver* Google Chrome
Chrome OS ChromeVox Google Chrome

*Note: Screen reader support in Google Sites relies on ARIA standard live-regions. If your screen reader doesn't support live-regions some functionality won't be accessible to you. This is a known issue with some versions of Apple VoiceOver.

Open a site or create a new site

To open a site or create a new site, follow these steps:

  1. Visit
  2. From here, you can either open an existing site or create a new site.
    • To open a site, navigate through the page until you hear the name of the site you'd like to open. Press Enter to open the site.
    • To create a new site, navigate to the "Create" button, and press Enter.
  3. Now you can use the keyboard actions explained below to build and edit your site.

At any time, you can search your site or any page on your site by pressing the / key, which places your cursor in the search box.

To navigate around your "My sites" page and the "Manage site" page of a site that you own, use your standard screen reader navigation keys.

Create and edit pages

The shortcuts below can help you create and edit pages. You can also visit the full list of keyboard shortcuts for Google Sites for the complete list.

Create a page

  1. To create a page within your site, follow the instructions above to open your site. Then, press c to create a page. You'll hear "Create a new page" followed by the name of your site and a prompt to name the page.
  2. Enter the name of the page in the edit text box.
  3. Press Tab until you get to the template drop-down menu. You can leave your page as a default web page, or select a template using the up and down arrows.
  4. Select a location for the new page by selecting one of the radio buttons under the heading "Select a location."
  5. When you select a location, locate the "Create" button and press Enter to create the page.

Edit a page

  1. Press g then m to open the "Manage site" page. Alternatively, you can locate the page in the navigation panel on your page, and press Enter to open that page (if you do that, skip to step 6).
  2. Navigate to the "Pages" item in the navigation menu of the "Manage site" page.
  3. Press Enter.
  4. Continue to navigate through this page until you reach the list of pages.
  5. When you locate the page you want to edit, press Enter. You'll hear the name of the page.
  6. Press e to enter edit mode for that page.
  7. Your cursor will be placed in the first text editing area. As you move to the different text editing areas on the page, you can use the menu and toolbar shortcut actions explained in the "Navigate the menus" section below.
  8. When you finish editing the page, press Control + s (Windows, Chrome OS) or Command + S (Mac) to save the page. You can also locate the "Save" button at the top of the page and press Enter.

Navigate the menus

To navigate to and select a command from the application menus, use one of the following shortcuts in combination with the up and down arrow keys to navigate through the menu.

Application menus for PC and Chrome OS

  • Insert menu: Alt + i
  • Format menu: Alt + f
  • Table menu: Alt + t
  • Layout menu: Alt + L
  • Help menu: Alt + h

Application menus for Mac

  • Insert menu: Ctrl + Opt + i
  • Format menu: Ctrl + Opt + f
  • Table menu: Ctrl + Opt + t
  • Layout menu: Ctrl + Opt + L
  • Help menu: Ctrl + Opt + h


Google Sites also has a toolbar with editing options, such as text and paragraph formatting. To navigate to the toolbar, open one of the application menus with the keyboard commands above, then press Tab until you reach the toolbar. When you reach a toolbar icon, you'll hear a description of that icon. Press Enter to complete an action like bolding text, adding a link, or changing the font color.

Send feedback

If you have feedback about your experience in Google Sites with a screen reader or about this help documentation, please use this form.

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