Set up billing and payment

Once you have completed signup or upgrade to Google Apps for Business, you will be prompted to set up your Billing Account and Payment Plan during your 30-day free trial. You will need to complete this setup before the end of your 30-day Free Trial in order to graduate into your paid subscription period.

Important: If you do not complete the setup of your billing and payment plan during your free trial, you will be automatically suspended at the end of the 30 days.

In the Admin console, you can create your Billing Account straight after signing up in the Setup Wizard by following the link, or at anytime during your 30-day Free Trial. In the Admin console, go to Billing, and click on the Set it up now link.

Note: If you have been suspended at the end of your free trial, you can log in to your Admin console and click on Fix this, and you will be taken to the Set up billing and payment plan page.

To set up a Billing and payment plan:

  1. Choose the country in which you are located and the currency you would like to be charged in. (Important: We highly recommend that you select the country where you reside as this influences the payment options and you will not be able to change it once the setup of your billing and payment plan is complete.)

  2. Choose a payment plan.

    Once you have chosen a payment plan, you will need to review it and agree to the Terms & Services. If you have committed to the Annual Plan, you will be notified explicitly at this juncture of the closeout charge that will be incurred if you cancel your subscription. (Billing Terms can be found in your Admin console, and you can refer to the Google Apps for Business Billing and Payment Terms of Service for further information.)

  3. Set up your Billing Profile.

    Most of this information will be auto-populated with the details that you previously entered in the signup form. You can specify whether or not your Google Apps for Business domain is for personal (private) or business use. If you select that it is for a business and you are a European Union customer, then you can specify a valid VAT number that will prevent you from incurring Irish VAT charges (23%).

  4. Set up your Primary Form of Payment for automatic charging. You can specify one of the following (depending on your country):
    • Credit card that will be charged for monthly payments
    • Bank account that will be directly debited for monthly payments

    If you chose a bank account as your primary form of payment, then you will have to enter your bank account details. There are different bank account verification methods for US, UK and European customers. The processing times for bank accounts vary depending on the region, given the different verification methods for US, UK and European customers.

You can change aspects of your payment plan during your free trial by going to the Billing page, clicking on the plus sign (+), and selecting change. Once you graduate into your paid subscription period, it will not be possible to switch to the Flexible Plan from the Annual Plan until your subscription renewal date.