Gemini for Google Workspace FAQ

See below for additional information about:

  • Gemini for Business / Enterprise—AI capabilities for any size business or organization
  • Gemini for Education—AI capabilities for qualifying educational institutions

Do users need a license to chat with Gemini (

How your users access Gemini depends on whether you have the Gemini for Google Workspace add-on:

  • With a Gemini for Google Workspace add-on: Gemini is turned on by default as a core service. To let users access Gemini as a core service with their Google Workspace account, assign them a Gemini for Google Workspace license.

    Tip: When you purchase the Gemini for Google Workspace add-on, Gemini as a core service is available to licensed users. The Gemini service setting has an option to also let unlicensed users access Gemini as an additional Google service. For detailed steps, go to Turn Gemini on or off as a core service.

  • Without a Gemini for Google Workspace add-on: You can turn on Gemini as an additional Google service in your Google Admin console. Your users don’t need a license to access Gemini as an additional service. Note: you must verify your domain before you can use Gemini as an additional service. For detailed steps, go to Turn Gemini on or off as an additional service.

How do usage limits work?

Gemini Business is designed to meet the needs of typical business users. Each person with a Gemini Business license can use Gemini ( and features in Gemini for Google Workspace 1,000 times per month. Usage limits reset on the first day of each month.
Learn more about usage limits in Gemini for Google Workspace.

What if I don’t have Google Workspace today? What if I don’t have the right edition?

Customers must purchase or upgrade to one of the qualifying Google Workspace editions before purchasing the add-on. 

How does Gemini protect my data?
When Google Workspace commercial customers adopt Gemini for Google Workspace, they get the same robust data protection and security standards that come with all Google Workspace services, with specific protections for businesses, education, and public-sector customers:
  • Users with a Gemini for Google Workspace license get enterprise-grade data protections when they use Gemini ( Submissions aren't used to train models and are never reviewed by humans. Learn more about how Gemini ( works for users who don't have a license.
  • Your interactions with Gemini for Google Workspace stay within your organization. Gemini for Google Workspace stores any prompts or generated content alongside your Workspace content and does not share them outside your organization.
  • Your existing Google Workspace protections are automatically applied. Gemini for Google Workspace brings the same enterprise-grade security as the rest of Google Workspace, automatically applying your organization’s existing controls and data handling practices, such as data-regions policies and Data Loss Prevention.
  • Your content is not used for any other customers. None of your content is used for model training outside of your domain without permission.

You can learn more about how we're protecting your Google Workspace data in the era of generative AI.

Where can I learn about Google's AI principles?

You can read more about our commitment to developing technology responsibly, and our work to establish specific application areas we will not pursue. Go to Our principles.
What languages are supported?
  • Gemini ( supports 35+ languages.
  • All Gemini for Google Workspace features are available to users who have set their language to English. Additionally, Help me write in Gmail and Google Docs now accepts Spanish and Portuguese prompts and will reply in those languages. 
  • Help me write in Gmail and Google Docs is also available to users who have set their language to Spanish or Portuguese. However, they can't use Gemini in Sheets, Slides, and Meet. 

We'll add support for additional languages at a later date.

Are there any restrictions on Gemini for Google Workspace?

  • Users must be 18 years of age or older to use the add-on. Admins are responsible for assigning the add-on to users 18 years of age or older.
  • Only Google Workspace administrators who subscribe to one of these editions can purchase this add-on. 

How do I make Gemini for Google Workspace available to my users?

  1. Make sure you have a qualifying edition of Google Workspace.
  2. Purchase the add-on.
  3. Assign Gemini for Google Workspace licenses to users in your organization.

For exact steps, go to: Get Gemini for Google Workspace

Is Gemini HIPAA compliant?

As of December 2023, Gemini for Google Workspace can support HIPAA workloads. The HIPAA Included Functionality and the Google Workspace and Cloud Identity HIPAA implementation guide have been updated to reflect the inclusion of Gemini for Google Workspace. 

However, Gemini ( not support HIPAA workloads at this time. If your organization must ensure compliance with HIPAA, you must turn Gemini off.

Are there any country limitations for Gemini (

Gemini ( is available in all countries and regions where Google Workspace is available. 

What does it mean that this offering is an add-on?

Admins must have one of the qualifying Google Workspace editions before they can purchase the Gemini for Google Workspace add-on. 

Will there be any changes to existing feature availability with the launch of this add-on?

Translated captions in Google Meetwill be available exclusively to Gemini for Google Workspace add-on users at a future date. We will provide a minimum of 6 months notice to existing Google Workspace customers before this change takes place.
Gemini for Google Workspace availability and usage

Additional details about the availability of Gemini for Google Workspace features

Each time you submit a generative AI request, it starts a process that uses a tremendous amount of data center resources. Google has planned for this increase in computational usage, and will attempt to make Gemini for Google Workspace responsive to everyone who has subscribed to this add-on. 

However, we expect customer usage to dramatically increase because of the transformative nature of these features. Consequently there may be times when your use and experimentation may cause Gemini for Google Workspace to be slower or delays in wait time. 

Contact your account representative or Google Support if you experience slower than usual Gemini for Google Workspace response times.

Additional details about the usage of Gemini for Google Workspace

You and your users may not use Gemini for Google Workspace in a way that degrades the services for other Google Workspace customers, such as submitting an excessive number of requests.

To protect the service and ensure Gemini for Google Workspace is available to other customers, Google may reduce your access to AI features if we reasonably determine that you've exceeded usage limitations.

Is client-side encryption compatible with Gemini for Google Workspace?

No. Gemini for Google Workspace is unable to act on email and files that are encrypted with customer-controlled keys

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