Google Workspace license requirements for Groups for Business

This article is for administrators. To manage your own groups, visit the Google Groups help.""

Google Groups for Business is a Google Workspace core service. As an administrator, you control your organization's settings for this service in the Google Admin console. Groups for Business settings and your Google Workspace license type determine what your organization can do in the Google Groups interface (

License types, Groups for Business settings & features

Google Workspace license type Groups for Business setting What you can do in
Any Google Workspace license On
  • Create and delete groups
  • Manage group members and roles
  • Manage group permissions
  • View and edit group settings
G Suite Basic or above - Upgrade to G Suite Basic On

All of the above plus:

  • Post messages in Groups
  • Moderate messages
  • Store messages in conversation history
Any Google Workspace license Off
  • Groups ( is not available to your organization. If the Google Groups additional service is on for your organization, however, users can still view external groups from their accounts in your organization. Additional Google services.
  • You can create email list groups in the Google Admin console or in the Groups API when Groups for Business is Off. 

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