Set up Meet for distance learning

Set up and manage Meet

You can turn on Google Meet for all of your users or for just a specific group. Also, to accommodate the different schedules and time zones of the people who might take a class or to create greater flexibility for participants, you can turn on live streaming and let users record video meetings. 

Before you begin: Check the system requirements

Before you decide to use Meet in your organization, make sure you meet the system requirements. For details, go to Requirements for using Google Meet.

Turn on Meet video meetings

When you turn on Meet, your users can join video meetings in your organization. You can optionally allow users to create video meetings. For details, go to Turn on Meet video meetings.

If you purchased the Google Workspace for Education Plus edition for your entire organization, you can assign faculty licenses to the users that you want to have access to features, such as recording or live streaming.

To turn on Meet but disable classic Hangouts, turn on the Meet service and set the Google Chat and classic Hangouts service to Chat only or Both turned off. For details, go to Choose a Chat service for your organization.

Note: In mid-2022, Google Duo is being upgraded and will be merged with Google Meet. To let users access Duo during the transition, the Google Meet service and additional Google services must be turned on for your organization. Meet is not affected by this change, and users can continue to use Meet as usual during the transition. Learn how Duo is merging with Meet.

Turn on live streaming and recording

Recommended only for faculty and staff

As an administrator, you can turn on live streaming to allow people in your organization to watch a Google Meet video meeting. For details, go to Turn live streaming on or off for Meet.

You can also allow meeting organizers and participants in the same organization to record video meetings. For details, go to Turn recording on or off for Meet.

View the Meet features available to a user or group

You can see features that are turned on or off for a user, group, or organizational unit on the Meet settings page.

  1. Sign in to your Google Admin console.

    Sign in using your administrator account (does not end in

  2. In the Admin console, go to Menu ""and then"" Appsand thenGoogle Workspaceand thenGoogle Meet.
  3. Click Meet video settings and choose a search option:
    • Click Users and enter a username.
    • Click Groups and enter the group name or email address.
    • Click Organizational Units and select or search for an organizational unit.

Change Meet settings for users

You can't change Meet settings for an individual user. Instead, add them to an organizational unit or access group that has the correct Meet settings. To change a setting for an organizational unit or access group, go to Turn a service on or off for Google Workspace users.

Ensure video meeting quality

  • To ensure teachers or students don't share accounts, provision one account for each user. Learn more
  • To limit Meet bandwidth, set the default video quality in the Google Admin console. Learn more
  • To troubleshoot issues, use the Meet quality tool. Learn more
  • To understand users' video-meeting activity, review the Meet audit logs. Learn more
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