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Watch live TV or add your favorite shows, movies, and sports teams to your library for future viewing on YouTube TV.

Watch programs on the Home, Live, or Library tabs


Home is where you'll find recommendations for what to watch on YouTube TV. These recommendations are based on your recordings and watch history on YouTube TV and YouTube —learn how to manage your history on YouTube TV and YouTube. You'll see a combination of live TV shows, on-demand programs, and YouTube videos.


Live is where you can scroll through networks to see which programs are on right now. Select any program to watch the live airing.  
You can customize the Live tab to match your viewing preferences. For example, you can hide certain networks so that only your favorite networks appear, or reorder networks in the guide. 

To customize: 
  1. On the Live tab, select Sort.
  2. Select Edit
  3. Customize your Live tab in the Live guide  settings page. 
  • If you've previously customized your Live tab to only see certain networks, you'll need to add any new networks to your customized network lineup. 
  • You can also customize your Live tab viewing preferences by selecting your profile picture and then Settings  and then Live guide  on a mobile device or web browser. Once set, your Live tab preferences will be reflected in YouTube TV on all of your devices. 


Library is where you'll find all of your recorded shows, sports games, events, or movies. You'll also see scheduled recordings, recently recorded videos, and most-watched networks. Learn more about how to add programs to your library.

Watch & record sports

Note: You can’t record local programming outside of your home area.  

National vs. local channels

Sports availability depends on the type of network the game is aired on. Some games air nationally, and some air over local affiliate networks. National channels (like ESPN) are available in your home area, and when you travel to a different location within the U.S. Local channels (like your local CBS station) are available based on your location. Keep in mind that local channels also have different restrictions for recording.

Below, learn more about the different kinds of sports you can watch on YouTube TV.


  • Football games generally air through local affiliate channels of major networks, like CBS or FOX. You can watch these games based on your current physical location, not your home area. 
  • Some football games air on national networks - you can watch these games no matter where you are. 
    • For example: Sunday and Monday night football is nationally televised.
  • When you travel to a different city:
    • You’ll see local channels airing NFL games in that location. 
    • While outside of your home area, you can’t watch NFL games aired in your home area. You can only watch these games if they’re also broadcast nationally (or if they air that location).
  • Learn more about what you can see on YouTube TV while traveling within the U.S.

Baseball, basketball, hockey, soccer & other sports

  • These games generally air through regional sports networks (RSNs), and depend on your home area. You can watch and record these networks regardless of your current location. 
    • For example: You live in San Francisco and travel to San Diego. When you log into your YouTube TV account from San Diego, you can watch and record games aired on your regional sports network in San Francisco.
  • You can check whether your local RSN is available by entering your zip code here.
  • Some games air through local affiliate channels (vs through your regional network). You can view these games based on your current location, not your home area. When you travel to a different city, you’ll see local games airing in that location. 
  • Some games air on national networks (like ESPN or TNT). You can watch these games no matter where you are.
  • Learn more about what you can see on YouTube TV while traveling within the U.S.

College sports

These games can air on local networks, regional sports networks (RSNs), or national networks.  

Search for programs, genres, & networks 

Search bar

In the search bar, you can search for shows, movies, sports teams, events, actors, networks, and more. 
To search:
  • Select Search  on any screen.
  • Enter a search term into the search bar and hit enter.
  • If you're using a mobile device, you can also search by voice by selecting the microphone  on the right side of the search bar.  

Browse by types of programs

You can browse TV shows, movies, family programs, news, and sports on the Search page. Select Search  on any screen, then select an icon (Shows, Movies, and so on) under "Browse," directly below the search bar. 

Browse by network

Browse networks to see programs available on different networks. To find a list of networks, select Search  on any screen and scroll down to "Networks." You can also search for a specific network by entering the network name into the search bar.

Note: Network pages may look different from one another, as they're each managed by individual networks.

Manage autoplay settings 

Turn on/off autoplay

When you start the YouTube TV app on your TV, one of your top recommendations will autoplay, unless you've turned off this feature. To turn this feature on or off:

  1. Click Settings. 
  2. Scroll down to select Autoplay on Start.
  3. Toggle to turn the feature on or off.
  • In the YouTube TV mobile app, you can press down on your screen on any page to open a Menu. The Menu includes various actions, like adding a program to your library. 
  • For any show, movie, or event, you can visit the program page to see episodes, cast members, and more. If you see a YouTube video that's not available on YouTube TV, you'll be redirected to the YouTube app. 
  • Most programs on YouTube TV are available in English by default. Sometimes, programs may be available in Spanish. If so, you'll see "Español" written next to the video.
  • To learn how to use keyboard shortcuts for YouTube, go to this article.
  • YouTube TV is not currently available in offline mode. 
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