Add extra sports networks to your YouTube TV membership

You can sign up to include extra sports channels in your YouTube TV membership with the Sports Plus add-on option. Sports Plus is a package of 7 networks available to add to your base subscription for $10.99 per month.

What you get with Sports Plus 

Sports Plus includes: 

  • NFL RedZone
  • FOX College Sports
  • FOX Soccer Plus
  • MAVTV Motorsports Network
  • TVG / TVG2
  • Stadium

You’ll get all networks for $10.99 per month.

A few things to note: 

  • Sports Plus networks are not available as individual add-ons. If you’d like to subscribe to a specific network, you’ll need to buy the package.
  • If you had a free trial of the FOX Soccer Plus add-on in the past, then you won't be eligible for a free trial of Sports Plus.

Get the most when watching sports

  • With Sports Plus, you’ll have access to watch and record hundreds of live games and events, including:
    • Live views of every touchdown during Sunday afternoon games on NFL RedZone.
    • Soccer and rugby from around the world on FOX Soccer Plus.
    • Soccer from Europe and South America on GOL TV.
    • College football, basketball, and hockey on FOX College Sports.
    • College sports on Stadium.
    • Live motorsports racing on MAVTV Motorsports Network.
    • Live horse racing on TVG.
  • Set up recordings so you’ll never have to miss a game. With YouTube TV, you get unlimited DVR storage, so you can fill your library with as many programs as you’d like.
  • Add specific teams, leagues, or groups of games to your library so they get recorded when they air.
    • For example, add your favorite team to your library to record when their games are shown on FOX Soccer Plus.
Note: It’s not possible to record content from NFL RedZone just by adding a specific team, league, or game to your YouTube TV library. You’ll need to add NFL RedZone to your library so that the full 8-hour block will be recorded. 

Add Sports Plus to your YouTube TV membership

To subscribe to Sports Plus, follow the steps to add a network to your YouTube TV membership.

After subscribing, you’ll see an additional $10.99 charge on your monthly YouTube TV bill.

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