Use YouTube TV while traveling

YouTube TV is currently only available in the United States. Check out available locations

You can enjoy YouTube TV while traveling in the United States, but what you can see or do in the app may vary based on your location. If you visit an area where YouTube TV hasn't launched, you'll get a notification explaining what you can watch in that specific area. 

What you can see while traveling domestically

  • Local networks, if YouTube TV has launched in the location you're visiting. Note: You can’t record local programming outside of your home area.  
  • Local sports programs, depending on content rights and which networks are available in that region. You may also see sports programs from your home area if they are available in other regions. Note: Sports programming can vary widely based on location and content rights—learn more about viewing restrictions on YouTube TV.
  • Nationally available networks, including both live and on-demand programs. Note: Some networks have different versions for different timezones. You will see the live version that matches your travel location.
  • All of your recorded programs from your home area. Programs will be recorded once they've completed airing on live TV. 
  • YouTube videos on YouTube TV.

What you can do while traveling domestically

  • Record programs from your home area or nationally available networks.  
  • Search and browse for shows, events, and movies. 

International travel

You won’t be able to access any programs on YouTube TV, either live or recorded, while traveling internationally. 

Viewing restrictions on YouTube TV 

If you're traveling, you may also be restricted in which live TV programs you can watch. You'll see this icon  if a program that you're recording is unavailable to watch live. Your recording will be available in your library after the live program ends. Learn more about viewing restrictions on YouTube TV. If you think you're seeing a viewing restriction in error, contact support for help resolving the issue. 

  • If you're a frequent traveler, make sure to use YouTube TV at least once every three months in your home area. This ensures YouTube TV can continue to offer you the correct local networks. 
  • If you're an MLB fan, make sure to use YouTube TV at least once every 30 days in your home area to avoid sports game-related viewing restrictions. 
  • If you've moved and need to change your home area, please contact YouTube TV support.
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