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Last edited 10/31/19
YouTube’s Community Guidelines clearly outline what we do and don’t allow on YouTube. We continuously review community feedback to identify areas where we can expand our policies. As part of this, content that contains mature or violent themes that explicitly targets younger minors and families in the title, description and/or tags will no longer be allowed on the platform. This content was previously age-restricted, but today we’re updating our child safety policies to better protect the family experience – learn more below about what content will be removed vs. age-restricted moving forward.

What content will be removed?

We’re removing misleading family content, including videos that target younger minors and families, that contain sexual themes, violence, obscene, or other mature themes not suitable for young audiences.

Here are some examples of content that will be removed:
  • A video with tags like "for children" featuring family friendly cartoons engaging in inappropriate acts like injecting needles.
  • Videos with prominent children’s nursery rhymes targeting younger minors and families in the video’s title, description or tags, that contain adult themes such as violence, sex, death, etc. 
  • Videos that explicitly target younger minors and families with phrasing such as “for kids” or “family fun” in the video’s title, description and/or tags that contain vulgar language.

What content will be age-restricted?

Content that is meant for adults and not targeting younger minors and families won’t be removed, but it may be age-restricted. If you create adult content that could be confused as family entertainment, make sure your titles, descriptions, and tags match the audience you are targeting. Remember you can age restrict your content upon upload if it’s intended for mature audiences.

Here is an example of content that may still be allowed on YouTube but will be age-restricted: Adult cartoons with vulgar language and/or violence that is explicitly targeted at adults.

What content won’t be removed OR age-restricted?

If you are a creator focused on family entertainment, please make sure you follow our guide for creating content for Youtube Kids. As a reminder, we launched the YouTube Kids app in 2015 as a way for kids to more safely explore their interests and curiosity while providing parents more tools to control and customize the experience for their families. We want to continue to help creators produce quality content for kids and families in the app. 

When is this happening?

We want to give creators time to get familiar with this update which is why we will begin removing these videos without giving a strike to the channel as we ramp up enforcement over the next 30 days. Additionally, we won’t strike videos uploaded prior to this update, but we may still remove the content. You can read our full policy in the Help Center here.

You can appeal a violation if you think your video content doesn’t violate our Community Guidelines

Protecting minors and families from inappropriate content is always a top priority which is why we’ve expanded our child safety policies. We are constantly taking steps to protect minors on YouTube, but we still recommend parents use YouTube Kids if they plan to allow kids under 13 to watch independently. 

-Sarah (TeamYouTube)
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First, terminate Peluchin Entertainment he clearly violated the guidelines.
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Youtube should terminate the OUR3BS channel belonging to the Waggoner family from Sharpsburg NC, for foot fetish videos involving Blake (their fat kid who is now 16). Their vlogs where Blake always appears barefooted are abhorrent and disgusting! SwiftRage
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This is very good change its a step on the right direction.
Thanks Sarah and Youtube.
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If thats the case why do youtubers stop people from spreading the word about child trafficing and child abuse just because the ppl involved are celebrities and politicians and or big players
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Bruh ain’t child content for YouTube kids or something?
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YOUTUBE!!! you took down my video for child violence and that is just wrong! My video has nerf guns and super soakers in it which is not violent or anything like that. I would APPRECIATE IT if you could put it back because I took a lot of time to make that video and I don’t want you to do this to others so PLEASE put back up my harmless video. Thrill Studios- Snack Attack Battle
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Thank you so much
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The moves announced are welcomed, but I would have liked to have heard an announcement of an "independent" review board to make content removal decisions or to rule on appeals, and which could call on external professional expertise as needed.

I would also have liked to have heard that YouTube  will agree to abide by broadcast style content guidelines issued by regulators such as  the FCC, or Offcom, which already apply to  other  broadcast media outlets.
Last edited 8/22/19
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Please terminate Peluchin (Plushie in Spanish) Entertainment. He made graphic videos
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This is annoying
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