Watch simultaneous streams with multiview on YouTube

Multiview allows you to watch up to four preselected live game streams at the same time on a smart TV or streaming device, like Chromecast or Fire TV Stick.

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In this article, you can learn where to find multiviews, how to navigate them, and more.

Find multiviews

Pre-set multiviews are groups of up to four live games that are displayed together as a single stream.

The quickest way to find the multiview for a select combination of games is to:

  1. Start watching one of the games you want to watch.
  2. Press down to see multiview combinations.
  3. Select your preferred game combination from the preselected options.
Note: In some cases, you can choose specific games to help find the combination you're looking for.

Multiviews may appear on your streaming device or smart TV's YouTube app, including on the Home  tab under “Recommended multiviews” and in Watch Next recommendations when you are watching live games. You can also find them on a Primetime Channel’s homepage where multiviews are available, such as the NFL, NBA, or WNBA channels.

Watch & navigate multiviews

Choose a multiview to watch and the included games will open on your screen. The left or top-left stream will be highlighted by default, and the audio from that stream will be played.

Here are some more tips for how to navigate multiviews:

  • To change the audio, use the directional pad on your remote to highlight a different stream.
  • To access the captions and audio track on your multiview, press down until you reach the player controls to toggle captions or audio track.
  • To view the selected stream in full screen, press Select on your remote.
  • To return to the multiview, press Back on your remote.

Learn more about multiview

Can I choose which games to watch in multiview?

No. You can't customize your multiview streams right now, but you can choose from an extensive assortment of streams, and in some cases you can choose specific games to narrow down the preselected options.
Our goal with multiview is to make it available to everyone with a television. Since most devices don’t have native multiview capabilities, we’ve chosen to do all of the processing of video feeds on our servers. This means that every unique combination watched in multiview uses limited data center and computational resources. Because each region has unique, local content, we are constrained on the number of combinations we can create that include local feeds. We try to select the best combinations based on expected popularity, and we're always improving our processes.

Which devices support multiview?

Multiview is available on streaming devices and smart TVs where Primetime Channels are supported. Multiview is not yet available for YouTube on mobile and web.

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