Understand your performance as an artist on YouTube

With Analytics, you can better understand how your performance contributes to your growth and success as an Artist. Use the guide below to understand what these metrics may mean to you.

At the top, you’ll see different tabs. Apart from the overview tab, each tab is tailored to help you see data that’s most relevant to your goals.  

Note: On Studio Mobile, some reports and features may not be available. In addition, all tabs in Studio Mobile show combined data from your Official Artist Channel and other channels, except for the Revenue tab which includes data only for content uploaded by you.

An introduction to YouTube Analytics for Artists

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Your overall performance


The top card shows your overall performance with watch time, views, and unique viewers metrics.

  • Watch time: The total amount of time that viewers spend watching the videos.
  • Views: "Views" counts the number of times videos featuring your songs recordings were played on YouTube or YouTube Music, including official music videos, the audio tracks, and fan videos like lyric videos. 
  • Unique Viewers: This number shows you the estimated number of different people who came to watch the videos. Whether they watch on desktop or mobile, or watch more than once, that person counts as one unique viewer.

Filter data from your Official Artist Channel or other channels

Filter your total reach to remove data from your Official Artist Channel or other channels by tapping the switches at the top right. 


The Official Artist Channel filter will show you data for videos attributed to you that were uploaded by you, your label, or VEVO.  The filter for “Other channels” will show you data for videos from other channels, including collaborations with other artists and videos uploaded by others where the video uses all or nearly all of your song recording and where your song is the primary component of the video.

Note: You’ll only see these reports if your public videos or channel has enough data.


Realtime Activity


The Realtime activity card gives you estimated views for your videos and top songs from the last 48 hours or 60 minutes. This report gives you early insights into the performance of your most recently published songs.You can select a time period of the last 60 minutes or the last 48 hours.

Top countries and cities


The Top countries and cities card shows you where your audience is.

Age and Gender


The Age and Gender card shows you your content’s audience by age and gender.  Data is based on signed-in viewers across all devices.

The Reach tab shows you your music's overall reach. The main graph shows how many people saw an impression of your videos or videos containing all or most of your song across YouTube, and how many people then clicked through to watch the videos. 
In this tab you’ll also see reports for:
The Engagement tab shows you what your viewers are watching. The main graph shows you the total number of watch minutes, and on average, how long viewers spent watching one of the videos. 
In this tab you’ll also see cards for:
  • Top videos and playlists: Videos and playlists featuring your music with the most watch time over the last 28 days.
  • Top cards and end screens: Your top cards and end screens over the last 28 days.
  • Shorts performance cards:
    • Shorts published: Your songs that were used most in Shorts created or uploaded during the time period.
    • Shorts views: Your songs with the most views in Shorts during the time period.
    • Top Shorts with your song: Shorts that feature your music with the most views during the time period.

Note: You may see limited or no info in cards when there isn’t enough data to show meaningful results. Check back later to see if more results are available

The Audience tab shows you who’s watching. The main graph shows your returning & new viewersunique viewers, and subscribers
In this tab you’ll also see reports for:
  • Top geographies: Your audience by geography. Data is based on IP address.
  • Top subtitle/CC languages: Your audience by subtitled language. Data is based on usage of subtitles/CC.
  • Age and gender: Your audience by age and gender. Data is based on signed in viewers across all devices.
  • When your viewers are on YouTube: Your audience’s online activity across your channel and all of YouTube. Data is based on your viewers across all devices in the last 28 days.
  • Other videos your audience watched: Your audience's online activity outside of your channel. Data is based on your viewers across all devices in the last 7 days.
  • Other channels your audience watched: Your audience’s online activity across other channels on YouTube. Data is based on your viewers across all devices in the last 28 days.

Note that you may only see demographics data for a subset of your viewers. The data may not represent the overall composition of your traffic.

The Revenue tab is only available to creators in the YouTube Partner Program  and will show data only for videos uploaded by you. 
The Revenue tab helps you track your earnings on YouTube. The main graph shows how much you’re estimated to earn, the number of videos that are monetized, and your estimated average gross revenue per thousand plays. 
In this tab you’ll also see reports for:
  • Monthly estimated revenue: How much your channel has earned in the last 6 months. For ongoing months and months without finalized payments, revenue is estimated and subject to change. 
  • Top-earning videos: Videos with the highest estimated revenue for the time period.
  • Revenue sources: How you’re making money with YouTube.
  • Ad types: The format of the ad and its buying platform. This breakdown is only available for YouTube ad revenue and impression-based metrics.
  • Transaction revenue: Estimated net revenue from transactions, such as paid content and Super Chat, deducting any partner charged refunds for the selected date range and region.
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