Creator on the Rise & Artist on the Rise

This feature is available on YouTube in select countries and regions on desktop and mobile devices.

New creators and artists emerge on YouTube every day. We want to share some of those creators and artists with the world to celebrate the diversity and vibrancy of our platform—and to help creators and artists find their fans.

YouTube highlights emerging creators and artists on Trending:

  • Artist on the Rise: Showcases a new music video from an emerging music artist
  • Creator on the Rise: Highlights an emerging YouTube channel (non-music)
  • Gaming Creator on the Rise: Highlighting emerging Gaming creators on desktop and mobile

Trending shows the selected artists and creators for 24 hours. During that time, they also get a blue "Artist on the Rise" or "Creator on the Rise" badge that shows with their channel name on Trending. Learn more about Trending.

Supported countries & regions

  • Artist on the Rise: United States (3 per week)
  • Creator on the Rise: United States (3 per week); Canada, France, Germany, and Great Britain (2 per week); Australia, Brazil, India, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, Philippines, South Korea, Spain, Vietnam, Latin America, the Middle East, and North Africa (1 per week)
  • Gaming Creator on the Rise: United States, Japan (1 per week)

Selection criteria

Creator on the Rise and Artist on the Rise highlight up-and-coming creators and artists on YouTube. There is no application process. All emerging artists from any geographical location and all creators with over 1,000 subscribers from any geographical location are automatically eligible in the United States. Local creators and artists are eligible in other countries.

We consider a number of factors to identify emerging talent, including view count and watch time growth, as well as how frequently videos are uploaded. Selections based on these metrics are then reviewed by YouTube systems and teams.

Selection notification

If you're selected as a Creator on the Rise, you'll receive an email and mobile notification from YouTube on that day. Where possible, we'll also tweet from our local creator Twitter handle to celebrate your selection. If you have a Twitter handle, you'll be mentioned in the tweet.

If you’re selected, you might get more visitors than usual to your channel. You may want to review your channel settings—especially how to moderate comments on your videos.


Not seeing Creator on the Rise or Artist on the Rise on Trending?

Some reasons you might not see a Creator on the Rise or Artist on the Rise in Trending:

  • YouTube highlights emerging creators and artists on Trending up to 7 times per week in the United States, and once or twice per week in other countries, for 24 hours each. You might be visiting Trending during a gap in highlighted creators/artists, so check back later.
  • If you're not in a supported country, you won't see any Creators or Artists on the Rise since the feature is currently only available to users in those countries. You can change your content location setting, but be aware that this will affect your overall YouTube experience, not just Trending.
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