Navigate YouTube on your TV or game console

The YouTube app is available on many smart TVs and game consoles. You can sign in to the app, view your subscribed channels, search for content and use your mobile device as a remote.

Note: While the YouTube app is available on lots of devices, the navigation described here is currently only available on select devices. It will be available on more devices soon.

Find your way around the app

Switch between accounts on your TV

In the YouTube app on your TV, you can sign in to multiple accounts and easily switch between these accounts. Members of your household can add their own accounts, and guests can sign in to a Guest account. Guest accounts allow you to use YouTube on your TV while signed out, and any actions you take won't affect your account's recommendations. 

Find videos to watch

You have several options for finding videos in the app:
From Search
  • You can use Search  in the left-side navigation.

From the Home tab

  • Browse through the grid of recommended videos on your Home tab .
  • Select the navigation bar on the left-hand side to open a secondary navigation bar. You can explore different tabs, like Recommended, Trending or Music.

From the Subscriptions tab

  • Browse through a grid of recommended videos from your subscribed channels. 
  • Scroll through your subscribed channels to see a channel's latest videos or playlists.

Save videos to playlists

You can add videos to playlists that you've already created on other devices. Learn more about how to Create & manage playlists.
To save videos to a playlist: 
  1. On the watch page, click More .
  2. Click Save .
  3. Select the playlist that you'd like to save the video to. 

Access your Library

From the Library tab , you can find your History, My videos, Watch later, Purchases and Playlists tabs.

Update your Settings

To access your account settings, select Settings in the left-side navigation. In Settings , you can change the sound, auto-play, contrast, Restricted mode and link your TV to your mobile device. 

Use a second device as your remote control

You can use your phone, tablet or computer as a remote control. Learn how to link your device to use with the YouTube app on your TV.

 Troubleshooting & feedback

Send feedback to YouTube

We're always looking to improve our products, and we appreciate your feedback. To submit feedback on the new product experience, go to from a phone, tablet or laptop.
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