Set up your channel and videos for monetization

Becoming a YouTube partner allows you to monetize your videos on your channel and earn money from the revenue earned.

Enable your channel for monetization

To check your channel's eligibility and opt in:

  1. Visit the Monetization tab in your account settings. 
  2. If your account is in good standing and hasn't been previously disabled for monetization, click Enable My Account
  3. Follow the steps to accept the YouTube Monetization agreement.

You may see a different message if your account is not eligible for monetization.

Monetize your videos

You may enable eligible videos to earn money from relevant ads after you opt in your channel for monetization. This guide has more information about how you can enable monetization for specific videos. You also need to associate your YouTube and AdSense accounts in order to begin receiving the revenue.

Note: you may have applied for partnership but it's not required anymore unless you live in Turkey, Russia, Italy or Ukraine. For more information, visit


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