YouTube Partner Programme overview and eligibility

We're expanding the YouTube Partner Programme (YPP) to more creators with earlier access to fan funding and Shopping features. The expanded YouTube Partner Programme is available to eligible creators in these countries/regions. If you're in one of these countries/regions, take a look at this article to learn more about the changes to YPP. 

If you're not in one of the available countries/regions, there are no changes to the YouTube Partner Programme for you. 

Check your eligibility for the expanded YouTube Partner Programme. If you're not eligible yet, select Be notified in the Earn area of YouTube Studio. We'll send you an email once we've rolled out the expanded YPP programme to you and you've reached the eligibility thresholds. 

The YouTube Partner Programme (YPP) gives creators greater access to YouTube resources and monetisation features, as well as access to our Creator Support teams. It also allows revenue sharing from ads being served on your content. Learn more about the features, eligibility criteria and application details in this article.

Intro to making money on YouTube

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Want to apply to the YPP but need help building an audience first? Take a look at our tips to establish your fanbase and our tips for the YouTube Partner Programme.

What you need to join

  1. Follow the YouTube Channel Monetisation Policies.
    1. These are a collection of policies and guidelines that allow you to monetise on YouTube and compliance with them is required when you accept a partner agreement with YouTube.
  2. Live in a country/region where the YouTube Partner Programme is available.
  3. Have no active Community Guidelines strikes on your channel.
  4. Make sure that two-step verification is turned on for your Google Account.
  5. Have access to advanced features on YouTube.
  6. Have one active AdSense for YouTube account linked to your channel or be ready to set one up in YouTube Studio if you don't already have one (only create a new AdSense for YouTube account in YouTube Studio – learn more).

How you can become eligible

Once you understand what you need to join, your channel can become eligible for the YPP with either Shorts or long-form video. If you'd like us to notify you when you're eligible, click Notify me when I'm eligible in the 'Earn' area of YouTube Studio. You'll get an email once you've met either of the eligibility thresholds below.

1. Get 1,000 subscribers with 4,000 valid public watch hours in the past 12 months or
2. Get 1,000 subscribers with 10 million valid public Shorts views in the past 90 days

Bear in mind that any public watch hours from Shorts views in the Shorts Feed won't count towards the 4,000 public watch hours threshold.

More on eligibility thresholds

These thresholds help us to make a more informed decision about whether your channel meets our policies and guidelines. Once you've applied, your channel will go through a standard review process to see whether your channel meets our policies and guidelines. If it meets our policies and guidelines, we'll accept your channel into the YPP. Bear in mind that we continuously check channels in the YPP to make sure that they continue to meet our policies and guidelines over time.

Where to apply

✨NEW✨ Earlier access to YouTube Partner Programme features

Once you have what you need and your channel is eligible to apply, sign up for the YPP from either a desktop computer or a mobile device:

  1. Sign in to YouTube
  2. In the top right-hand corner, click your profile picture and then YouTube Studio
  3. In the left menu, click Earn
  4. Select Apply now to get started
  5. Click Start to review and Accept the Base Terms
  6. Click Start to set up an AdSense for YouTube account, or link an existing active one

Once you've applied, you'll see In progress in the 'Get reviewed' step, which means that we have received your application.

How we review your application

Once you've accepted the YPP terms and linked an active AdSense for YouTube account, your channel will automatically be put in a review queue. Our automated systems and human reviewers will review your channel as a whole to make sure that it follows all of our policies and guidelines. Check the Earn section of YouTube Studio at any time to see the status of your application.

We'll get back to you with a decision once your channel has been reviewed (typically in about one month). 

Bear in mind that delays are possible due to higher-than-usual application volumes, system issues or resource limitations. All YPP applications are serviced in the order that they're received by us. Sometimes, channels require multiple reviews, especially when several reviewers disagree on your channel's suitability for the YPP. This may increase the time required for a decision to be made.

If your first application wasn't successful, don't worry – you can appeal the decision within 21 days or keep uploading original content and you'll be able to reapply after a 30-day period. If this isn't your first application to be rejected or you've previously reapplied, you can try again after a 90-day period. Our reviewers probably found that a significant portion of your channel doesn't currently follow our policies and guidelines, so make sure that you review those against your channel's overall content and adjust your channel before reapplying. Learn more about the steps that you can take to strengthen your application for next time.

Choose how to earn and get paid

Once you're in the YPP, get started in YouTube Studio with watch page ads, Shorts Feed ads, memberships, Supers, Shopping and more. To turn on monetisation features, you'll need to review and accept the relevant module terms. Learn more about the modules and their options here.

After choosing how you want to monetise, you'll be able to manage ad preferences, turn on monetisation for your uploads and more. Here's a list of FAQ that we get from creators who have just joined the YPP.

Getting paid

Visit our Help Centre for an easier understanding of your earnings as a YouTube partner, learn all about AdSense for YouTube (Google's programme that lets creators in the YPP get paid) and troubleshoot common payment issues.

Stay active to keep making money

As the YouTube Partner Programme continues to grow, it's important to maintain a healthy, active ecosystem of channels. To focus our support for creators who are active and engaged with the community, we may turn off monetisation on channels that haven't uploaded a video or posted to the Community tab for six months or more.

FAQ around applying and more

What if I don't meet the programme threshold?

If you don't meet the requirements yet, keep working to make original content and build your audience. Here are some resources that can help you to grow your channel:

If you have active Community Guidelines strikes on your channel, you can apply after your strikes have expired. You can also apply after you've successfully appealed to have your Community Guidelines strikes removed. Current members of the programme won't be removed when receiving Community Guidelines strikes.

What do 'valid public watch hours' and 'valid public Shorts views' mean?

Valid public watch hours

What counts as a valid public watch hour:

  • Watch hours gained from long-form videos that you've set as public

Watch hours gained through the following types of video don't count towards YPP thresholds:

  • Private videos
  • Unlisted videos
  • Deleted videos
  • Ad campaigns
  • YouTube Shorts
  • Live streams that are unlisted, deleted or not converted to VOD (video on demand)

Valid public Shorts views

What counts as a valid public Shorts view:

  • Views of Shorts that you've set as public that appear in the Shorts Feed
Bear in mind that any public watch hours from Shorts views in the Shorts Feed don't count towards the 4,000 public watch hours threshold. For info about Shorts view eligibility with regard to how we calculate payments, see our YouTube Shorts monetisation policies.

If I meet the threshold, do I automatically get into the YPP?

No. Every channel that meets the threshold will go through a standard review process. Our team will review your channel as a whole to check whether your channel meets our YouTube Channel Monetisation Policies. Your channel also must not have any active Community Guidelines strikes in order to apply. Channels that follow our policies and guidelines can monetise.

What happens if my counts drop below the threshold after I have applied?

We'll send your channel for review once you meet our valid public watch hours and subscriber threshold. So, it doesn't matter if your subscriber or watch hour counts drop below the threshold while waiting for review. If you've met the threshold and applied for the YPP, we'll still review your channel for YPP suitability. Note that a channel needs to complete all the YPP sign-up steps (which currently include signing the contract and associating an AdSense for YouTube account) before they will be reviewed.

If a channel is inactive and has not uploaded or posted Community posts for six months or more, YouTube reserves the right to remove its monetisation.

Channels will lose monetisation if they violate any of the YouTube Channel Monetisation Policies. This loss of monetisation will happen regardless of their watch hours and subscriber count.

I'm no longer in the YPP (or I was never in the programme) and I'm seeing ads on my videos. Am I earning revenue from those ads?

YouTube can serve ads on all content on the platform. If you were previously a member of the YPP (and currently are not in the programme), you may still see ads being served on your content. In this case, you don't get a share of the revenue.

If you rejoin the YPP in the future, you can get a share of the revenue from ads served on your content after you have rejoined. In that case, when reapplying for the YPP, make sure that your channel meets the eligibility criteria outlined on this page.


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