Tips to establish your fanbase

Growing a community around your channel can be challenging but also rewarding. YouTube Creator TiffanyRotheWorkouts shares her advice on building a fanbase using consistent upload schedules, incorporating live streams, and developing a plan for your content strategy.

Building Community on YouTube | Amplify Voices featuring Tiffany Rothe (TiffanyRotheWorkouts)

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Be authentic, be yourself!

Audiences feel more engaged when a creator is comfortable and authentic

  • Think about what makes you excited, and share that with your audience. Your viewers can tell when you’re passionate about a certain topic, and passion is infectious!
  • Wear comfortable outfits and shoot in a comfortable position and location.
  • Practice, practice, practice! Do practice rounds on camera and get early feedback from your family and friends.

Be consistent

Maintain a regular upload schedule

  • The best schedule is the one that works for you and your audience. Think of the cadence that is the most effective for you. Be sure to dedicate time for creative work and your well-being!
  • You can then let your fans know when to come back for new videos by adding your schedule to your channel banner, channel trailer and in your videos.
  • Make sure to communicate with your fans in advance whenever there’s a change in schedule. This builds trust and helps sustain your channel performance in the long term.

Build your unique brand and traditions

  • Having a signature welcome or sign off in your videos is a fun and easy way to build your channel branding.
  • Try baking unique traditions into your content by using memes, catch phrases, or inside jokes. These interactions help create a unique culture where your fans can identify with each other and feel like they belong.

Ask your audience for feedback

  • Encourage your viewers to engage with your content by subscribing, leaving a comment, or liking and sharing the video.
  • Go right to the source! Get in touch with viewers for direct insight on what they like and most look forward to.

Reminders for your viewers

Subscribe to your channel

  • When a viewer subscribes to your channel, your new uploads will appear in their Subscriptions feed.
  • As you plan your video content, think of appropriate moments that you can encourage viewers to subscribe.

Turn on notifications

  • The Bell icon sends notifications for uploads and live streams to your subscribers. Fans can choose whether they get all, none or a personalized selection of notifications from your channel. Be sure to explain to your fans that hitting the Bell icon helps them stay up to date with your latest content.

We recommend

  • Create an “elevator pitch” for your channel! Write a short statement sharing: the reasons you started your channel, your goals, the type of content you’ll produce, and what your audience can expect from you. Keep it brief but think about the unique qualities of your channel and why viewers should subscribe.
  • Understanding your audience is key to planning your content strategy. Look at these metrics on your YouTube Analytics so you can understand your audience engagement:
    • Your audience’s demographics, such as age, gender, and geography
    • Subscriber vs non-subscriber splits
    • Audience interest cards

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