Updates to YouTube Analytics for Content owners

We updated our data system on July 27, 2016, and you'll see the following changes in YouTube Analytics:

New content filters

There are now 2 content filters at the top of the page, which replace the previous content roll-ups:

Video origin filter

Use the video origin filter to see:

  • Videos from any channel: Includes channels that belong to your Content owner and third party channels you have claimed videos from.
  • Videos from your channels: Channels that belong to your Content owner.
  • Videos from third-party channels: Channels that host videos you have claimed.

Claim filter

Use the claim filter to see:

  • Claimed and unclaimed: Includes claimed and unclaimed content from your channels, as well as claimed content from third-party channels.
  • Claimed: Content you have claimed from your channels or third-party channels.
  • Unclaimed: Content you have not claimed. This can only apply to content from your channels.

You can use different combinations of the filters to see data for different content aggregations: 

Content aggregation “Video origin” filter “Claim” filter

All content

Videos from any channel Claimed and unclaimed
All claimed content Videos from any channel Claimed
All licensed content Videos from your channels Claimed
All UGC  Videos from third-party channels Claimed
All partner uploaded content Videos from your channels Claimed and unclaimed
Unclaimed partner uploaded content Videos from your channels Unclaimed


Note: For the last two legacy roll-ups, Claimed content for partner and premium-user uploaded, as well as standard-user uploaded, you can only see data from June 1, 2013 and after. Be aware that these roll-ups will be removed from YouTube Analytics in the future.

Claimed data availability

You can now see more accurate ownership data for claimed content.

  • On the video level, you can see views and watch time from the claiming date.
  • This includes only views and watch time in claimed territories.
  • To see total views for these videos, check the video's watch page or the data API

Top content entities

The tables below the graphs now show the lifetime top 500 of the selected content, such as videos or channels.

Historical data for rolled-up channels

Content owners that add channels to their CMS can now only see data for these channel from the date of association. This better reflects ownership and aligns data from the table with the Analytics totals. Learn more about changes to reporting when you transfer channel ownership.

Export format options

  • You can use the Overview report to export data for playlists and assets, in addition to content owner, channel, and video level data.
  • Instead of a zip file, you can now get data in Google Drive, CSV, or Excel (multiple tabs) formats. 
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