Set up your Content Manager

These features are only available to partners who use YouTube Studio Content Manager. Contact your YouTube Partner Manager to get access.
When you get approved as a YouTube partner, YouTube creates your Content Manager account. Administrators of the account can use the info below to set up the Content Manager and begin adding users to it.
  • Content Manager: A web-based tool for partners who manage content and rights on YouTube. A Content Manager account owns one or more YouTube channels and the assets associated with them. Also known as Studio Content Manager.
  • Administrator: Someone who administers a Content Manager and invites others to access it.
  • User: Anyone who uses a Content Manager.
A Content Manager account is different from your YouTube account. To access your Content Manager, you need sign in to a Content Manager account, not your individual YouTube user account.

How to set up your Content Manager

1. Link your channels

A Content Manager can link to several channels by creating channels or inviting other channels to join a Content Manager account.

Once you’ve linked a channel, you can upload content to that channel, control the monetization of its videos, and set the branding.

2. Associate an AdSense for YouTube account

To earn money from your videos and get paid, you associate an AdSense for YouTube account with your Content Manager account. You can create an AdSense for YouTube account or associate an existing one.

3. Set up notifications
To specify who gets updated when account activities take place, you must set up email notifications.
4. Change default settings (optional)

From the Settings page, you can choose your Content Manager’s embedding options and attribution rules.

To change the default currency, go to Settings and then User Preferences and choose the currency unit you want to use. This change doesn’t affect the payout currency set in your AdSense for YouTube account. If you're paid in the same currency, the amount displayed here may still differ from the final payment because of different exchange rates.

You can also choose a default campaign action in Settings and then Campaigns. For Content ID claims, you can choose to feature your official videos on fan uploads or do nothing. Custom campaigns can override this setting.

5. Invite users (optional)

You can begin inviting other users to the Content Manager account so they start managing its content.

When YouTube creates the Content Manager, one or more users serve as the administrator for the account. In addition to inviting users, administrators can also create user roles that specify which features and restrictions apply to different types of users.

Tip: Once your Content Manager is set up, learn more about its features and tools: Find your way around Studio Content Manager.

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