Link channels to your content owner account

Once you've set up your content owner, you can link channels to the content owner account. Follow the steps below to invite channels to join your content owner account. When the channel owner accepts the invitation, the channel becomes linked to your account.

Once you’ve linked a channel, you can:

  • Control monetization for the videos on that channel 
  • Claim videos for that channel
  • Set if the current owner can claim and monetize the channel’s videos (the ability to claim videos is reserved for the content owner by default)
  • Set the channel's branding

Eligibility requirements

Not all channels are eligible to be linked to a content owner account. For example, you can’t link a channel that has been suspended or is linked to a terminated AdSense account.

Partners may link up to 20 channels to their content owner account per calendar year. 

In order to receive an invite to join an MCN, a channel must meet the eligibility criteria. If a channel doesn’t meet one or more of the criteria, you'll see an error message and the invite won't be sent:

  • Channel can't currently be linked to a larger content owner or another MCN.
  • If the partner has applied to join the YouTube Partner Program, the process must be complete. Channels in countries where the YouTube Partner Program has not launched are not eligible to monetize under an MCN.
  • Channels that are whitelisted from Content ID scanning cannot be linked to that content owner account. The whitelist will have to be removed for linking to occur.

Send or accept invitations

Invite a channel to join your content owner account
  1. Sign in to the content owner using the administrator Google account.
  2. In the left menu, click Channel. You'll see a list of your linked channels.
  3. Click Invite.
  4. Enter the channel's identifier in the "Channel names" text box. The identifier is the channel's username or the unique alphanumeric string after the prefix "UC" in the channel's URL:
    • You can find the channel ID in the URL for the channel: or
    • If you’re inviting multiple channels, separate them with a space or a new line.
  5. Set the channel permissions:
    • To allow the owner of the linked channel to claim videos and apply usage policies to them, select Monetize uploads.
    • To allow the owner of the linked channel to see the revenue generated for the channel on the Revenue Report, select View revenue.
    • To allow the owner of the linked channel to enable Content ID matches for the channel and specify the match policies, select Set match policy. Note that you must select Web claiming in order this setting to have any effect.
  6. Select Add. The channel owner will get an email and a notification on their channel's dashboard letting them know about the invitation.

To view pending invitations, go to Channel > Invited in the left menu. You can revoke an invitation by selecting the check box next to the channel and clicking Revoke invitation.

Accept an invitation

When a network invites a channel to join, the channel can accept the invitation by following these steps:

  1. Go to their Creator Studio Dashboard.
  2. In the top right corner, under Notifications, they'll see an invitation to join your network.
  3. To accept the invitation, the partner should click Learn more and follow the on-screen instructions to accept and join the network.
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