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Create a live stream

Live streaming set up

There are two options to start live streaming on YouTube. Select the best one for your needs and we’ll help you get setup!

Automatically start with Stream now BETA

Start sending content - we’ll take care of all the hard stuff for you! YouTube will automatically detect the stream resolution and frame rate, then start your stream! When you are live, we’ll transcode to lower resolutions so all of your fans can enjoy your stream - no matter where & how they are viewing it.

Want to engage with your fans in real-time? This option supports low latency!

To go live instantly:

  1. Download and setup your encoder using the Stream Name/Key and Server URL. Don't know what an encoder is? Click here.

  2. Add a title and description in the Basic Info tab.  You can also add a custom thumbnail that represents your event.  

  3. Add an optional Fan Funding card to earn money for your stream.  

  4. For those selecting the Gaming Category, add a Game title to aid discovery.

  5. In the Stream Options tab, select between Low Latency or Highest Quality.  Low Latency is closer to real-time.  Highest Quality provides the smoothest viewing experience for your audience.   (Tip: If you only have rights to the live show, check the “Mark archive unlisted when complete” box.)

When the stream is live:

  • Interact with the audience using live chat.
  • Share the link across social media platforms using our easy tool.
  • Keep an eye on the real-time Analytics section.
  • Monitor the stream in the player, top status bar and in the Stream Health tab

When the stream is over:

  • Stop sending content and we’ll end your stream.
  • We’ll automatically archive the event up to 12 hours and make it available in the Video Manager.  We recommend recording a local archive as a backup. Keep in mind YouTube Video Editor only allows editing of videos 3 hours or less.
Schedule Events


You’ll be able to select privacy options, set a start time, enable a backup stream for redundancy, create multiple live events and stream them all simultaneously!

Watch the video demo 

From Video Manager, click on Events

Click New Live Event on the right. 

Complete Basic Info tab.

  • Title, description and tags
  • Enter Start and End times
  • Privacy Settings
    Only public events will appear on your channel, search results and promotion. Choose unlisted or private for test events.
  • Category
  • Type
    Select Quick  to launch a Hangouts on Air.
    Select Custom to use custom encoders and controls.

*  The Info and settings tab is not currently available on mobile or tablet.

**  YouTube Live supports multiple simultaneous live streams. For every live stream you create, you must proportionally increase your encoding and network resources. For example, three simultaneous live streams would require you to triple your encoders and bandwidth. Remember, each live stream will also need to be individually started and stopped.

Advanced Settings
Click Advanced Settings tab.
  • Live chat and responses
    Moderate live chat. Viewers are limited to a maximum of 3 comments every 30 seconds and cannot post special characters, URLs or HTML tags. The comment module does not follow embedded players.
  • Distribution Options
    Enable or disable embedding and subscriber notifications.
  • Recording
    Archives beyond 8 hours may not be captured. We recommend recording a local archive as a backup. Keep in mind YouTube Video Editor only allows editing of videos 3 hours or less.
  • DVR
    Pause or rewind the event and return to live. The DVR will display the most recent 4 hours at 30fps, or 2 hours at 60fps at low latency.
  • Broadcast Delay
    Introduce a 30s or 60s broadcast delay to the public stream. Even with no delay, you should expect the preview player to be up to 15 seconds behind the live feed.
  • Promote your event to all of your fans using featured content
Monetization and claimed content
Click Monetization tab.
  • Claim this video
    Apply Track, Block or Monetize policy.  
  • Monetization
    Enable ads to serve pre-rolls and mid-roll ad cues when manually inserted.  
  • Click the blue Create Event button to load the Ingestion Settings tab.  

Currently, mobile , Chromecast and game console devices are live-capable.
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