YouTube Live Streaming Guide

Create a live event


Create your event
  1. From Event Manager, click Live Events.
  2. Click New Live Event on the right.
  3. Complete Basic Info tab.
    • Title, description and tags
      Identify your event. Tips on video titles and descriptions.
    • Start and End
      The start time determines the countdown in the player before the event begins.
    • Privacy Settings
      Only public events will appear on your channel and search results. Choose unlisted or private for test events.
      Public events have the option to create custom posts for G+ and other associated social media platforms. 
    • Category
      Select the Category that is relevant to your content. 
    • Type
      Select Quick (Hangouts on Air) to live stream a Hangout event using your webcam.
      Select Custom (More encoding options) to live stream a YouTube event using custom encoders and controls.
  4. Click Advanced Settings tab.
    • Comments and responses
      Moderate comments by deleting them or blocking users from commenting. Viewers are limited to a maximum of 3 comments every 30 seconds and cannot post special characters, URLs or HTML tags. The comment module does not follow embedded players.
    • Distribution Options
      Choose to enable or disable embedding and subscriber notifications.
    • Recording
      Events exceeding 4 hours may not be fully captured. We always recommend recording a local archive. Keep in mind YouTube Video Editor only allows editing of videos 2 hours or less in length.
    • DVR
      Allow viewers to pause and rewind your event. The DVR will display the most recent 4 hours of video.
    • Broadcast Delay
      The broadcast delay (30s and 60s drop-down options) is the amount of delay between the stream you will see in the preview player in the Live Control Room and the stream your viewers will see. Introducing a delay allows insertion of ads in your live event. Even with no delay, you should expect the preview player to be up to one minute behind the video feed you are sending to YouTube.
    • InVideo Programming
      Checking the InVideo Programming box will feature the event across your channel videos when the event is live and set to public.
  5. Click Claiming Options tab.
    • Claim this video
      Apply tracking, geo-restriction (block) or monetization policies.
      More information on Policies.
    • Monetization
      Enabling  monetization on a live event will cause an ad to play before the live video and when mid-roll ad cues are inserted.  Please note,  standard in-stream ads are available for pre-roll and mid-roll.  Skippable TrueView ads run on pre-roll only.   
    • Syndication
      Choose to make your event available on all devices with live capabilities or only on monetized platforms with live capabilities.
      Currently, only iOS and Android 4.0+ devices are live-capable.
    • Click the blue Save button.

Choose ingestion settings
  1. From Ingestion Settings tab, upload event Thumbnail.
    If a thumbnail is not uploaded, Public and Unlisted events will display an updated frame every 5 minutes, when in the Live state.
  2. Choose source stream from Basic ingestion dropdown menu, or create Custom source streams (which can be reused on recurring events) from ingestion dropdown menu.
    • Based on your available outbound bandwidth, choose the highest quality you can reliably stream. You only need to stream one resolution. All lower resolutions will be automatically created from that one stream.
    • You will not be able to adjust this after the event has started. Make sure your encoder can stream to the required bandwidth for the quality you choose.
  3. Connect information for encoder will display below. Copy/paste to your encoder or select your encoding software from dropdown menu to download XML.
  4. Cick Save.
  5. Instructions for adding additional cameras.
  6. Instructions for adding closed captions.
    For live events that appear on US television with captions, captions may be required online. You may wish to review the FCC's information here.
Preview and start your event
  1. Click Live Control Room tab (Also accesible from Event Manager Tab).
  2. Start your encoder.
  3. Click Preview to see stream from encoder in the Manage tab preview player. (Please allow a minute to initiate transcoding process.)
  4. Click Start Streaming to start event after you are satisfied with testing.
    You cannot return to preview state after you have started.  
    • Option 1: Start Streaming (Sync to preview player checkbox unchecked) will start the stream immediately.   
    • Option 2: Start Streaming with the Sync to preview player checkbox checked.  Select the latest point in the Preview Player timeline (not in DVR mode) when preparing to start the stream. This timeline will be used to Start the stream, Insert ads and Slates.
  5. Mid-roll ads and YouTube Slates can be inserted from the Manage tab.  
  6. Monitor event from Live Control Room.
  7. Use Broadcast Alerts as-needed before and during the event to notify viewers of delays.
Stop your event
  • From Live Control Room click Stop Streaming.
    You cannot restart your event once you have stopped it.
  • Stop your encoder.