Create a live event

Watch the video demo 

From Video Manager, click on Live Events

Click the New Live Event button on the right.  Fill in the Info and settings tab.

Complete Basic Info tab.

  • Title, description and tags
  • Enter Start and End times
    The start time sets the countdown clock before the event begins.  End times are not needed for 24/7 streams. 
  • Privacy Settings
    Only public events will appear on your channel, search results and promotion. Choose unlisted or private for test events.
  • Category
  • Type
    Select Quick (Hangouts on Air) to live stream a Hangout event using your webcam.
    Select Custom (More encoding options) to live stream a YouTube event using custom encoders and controls.

*  The Info and settings tab is not currently available on mobile or tablet.

**  YouTube Live supports multiple simultaneous live events. For every live event you create, you must exponentially increase your encoding and network resources. For example, three simultaneous live events would require you to triple your encoders and bandwidth. Remember, each live event will also need to be individually started and stopped.

Advanced Settings
Click Advanced Settings tab.
  • Live chat and responses
    Moderate live chatduring the live stream. Viewers are limited to a maximum of 3 comments every 30 seconds and cannot post special characters, URLs or HTML tags. The comment module does not follow embedded players.
  • Distribution Options
    Enable or disable embedding and subscriber notifications.
  • Recording
    Events exceeding 8 hours may not be captured. We always recommend recording a local archive. Keep in mind YouTube Video Editor only allows editing of videos 2 hours or less.
  • DVR
    Pause or rewind the event. The DVR will display the most recent 4 hours of video.
  • Broadcast Delay
    Introduce a 30s or 60s broadcast delay to the public stream. Even with no delay, you should expect the preview player to be up to 1 minute behind the live feed.
  • featured content
Monetization and claimed content
Click Monetization tab.
  • Claim this video
    Apply Track, Block or Monetize policy.  
  • Monetization
    Enable ads on player load and when mid-roll ad cues are inserted.  Please note,  standard in-stream ads are available for pre-roll and mid-roll.  Skippable TrueView ads run on pre-roll only.   
  • Currently, HTML5, iOS, Android 4.0+ and Chromecast devices are live-capable.
  • Click the blue Create Event button.

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