Why choose Live

Create in-the-moment experiences, build a community with your fans in real time, and find more ways to connect to the world with Live streaming on YouTube. Whether teaching a class, hosting a workshop, or showing off your gaming skills, share your passion by bringing your viewers along for the ride.

Create on YouTube: Videos, Shorts, & Live

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Things to keep in mind

Why audiences love Live

  • Having a shared experience, like watching a live stream, helps build a deeper sense of community between creator and viewer.
  • Live chat helps amplify that sense of community for viewers. They get to interact more, and have real time conversations with each other and their favorite creators.
  • Live stream presence provides an authentic and immersive viewing experience.

Why creators love Live

  • Live streaming on YouTube lets creators go live anytime, anywhere, even on mobile. You can instantly offer your audience a fresh, unedited perspective. Tools like live chat help fans feel like they are having a conversation with you, creating a more fulfilling experience for everyone.
  • With Live you can earn in two ways:
  • Live streams might save your time spent in post-production while sharing unique and, sometimes unexpected, moments.

We recommend

  • Some live streaming formats for you to get started:
    • Stream yourself playing your favorite game.
    • Stream while traveling.
    • Answer live questions from your viewers.
    • Give house tours.
    • Give food reviews.
    • Stream yourself crafting.
    • And anything else you can think of!
  • Look up other formats like Video and Shorts to see if these match your interests.

Learn more about why creators chose Live:

"In order to grow my channel, I used YouTube’s tools and brought in help so that I could focus more on being creative." - Chris Bossio

"Don't force perfection. You'll be happier with the video-creating process when you give yourself a chance to make mistakes and learn from them." - Agent00 Exclusive

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