Mobile device isn’t connected to my Wi-Fi network

To check the status of your Google Wifi device from the Google Wifi app, your mobile device has to be connected to the Wifi point’s network. If your mobile device isn’t connected, here are some things you can try.

Connect to your Google Wifi network

If you are near your Wifi point, connect to your Google Wifi network.

  1. Exit the Google Wifi app.
  2. Open your mobile device’s ‘Settings.’
  3. Go to the ‘Wi-Fi’ Settings.
  4. Make sure ‘Wi-Fi’ is turned on.
  5. Connect to your Google Wifi network.

Don’t see your Wi-Fi network name?

  1. Get close to Wifi point: Make sure your mobile device is in range of your Wifi point.
  2. Check for power: Check that your Wifi point is powered on. The indicator light should glow.
What do the lights on your Wifi point mean?
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