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Network insights for Wi-Fi devices

Nest Wifi and Google Wifi can proactively help you identify and suggest fixes for many potential network problems. If a problem is detected, you’ll receive a network insight as a Google Home app notification or through your Google Home Activity. Past network insight events, including those that have been resolved, can also be found in your Activity .

Nest Wifi and Google Wifi network insights identify issues like:

For example, if you’ve recently changed your network password, and a device that was once connected to your network is no longer connected, an insight card may proactively be added to your Activity to notify you of the possible issue and provide a help link suggesting you update your device’s password.

Notifications and Home Activity

Nest Wifi and Google Wifi use different methods to notify you of potential issues based on how important they may be to your network.

  • App notifications are primarily used for urgent alerts that need your attention, like when your network or mesh point is offline, a new device has been added to your network, or a device cannot connect to the network. You can choose to receive or not receive Wifi network notifications in the Google Home app.
  • Home Activity events show active and recent issues.
  • You can review previous network insights that you’ve received by going to the activity section the Google Home app and tapping Filter. This will include events that have been resolved.

If you experience an issue with a device on your network, go to the Google Home app and check your Activity  to learn if a recommended fix is available. You can then follow the link in the insight to learn more about the cause of the issue and how to fix it.

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