The Ad Validator

The Ad Validator checks your ad for common issues and displays the results in a panel, along with basic information such as the ad environment, the total size of the ad if it were to be published, and its initial load size. The panel automatically updates whenever you make a change, so it always reflects the working version of your ad.

If any checks fail, the panel displays details to help you fix the issue. You can hide or reveal this information by clicking the name of the failed check.

Ad Validator - Google Web Designer

The Ad Validator helps you notice potential problems with your ad, but doesn't guarantee approval. Review the relevant policies to make sure your ad complies with them.

Validation when publishing

When you're ready to publish your ad, you'll see a summary of the checks made by the Ad Validator in the publish dialog. Any failed checks will be listed. The Ad Validator is informational only, so you can still publish an ad that didn't pass all checks.

Validation checks

The Ad Validator runs different checks depending on the ad environment you selected when you first created the document. If your ad fails a check, look up the message in the table below for details.

Message Environment Explanation
File size >150 KB Google AdMob
Google Ads
Google Ads and AdMob ads should be no larger than 150 KB. Reduce the compressed total size of your ad to under this limit.
File size >500 KB Display & Video 360 Display & Video 360 ads should be a maximum of 500 KB in size. Reduce the compressed total size of your ad to under this limit.
Unsupported component found Google AdMob
Google Ads
Google Ads and AdMob ads should use only supported components.
Filename >50 characters Google Ads The published .zip filename (not including the ".zip" extension) should be no more than 50 characters. Enter a shorter name in the publish dialog.
Badly formed HTML Google AdMob
Google Ads
Display & Video 360
Proper document-level HTML tags (such as <!doctype>, <html>, <head>, and <body>) should be present and in the correct order. You can check for these tags in Code view.
Image missing for Image Button Google Ads The Image Button component should have images specified for all states: Up Image, Over Image, and Down Image.
Infinite animation loop found Google Ads
Display & Video 360
Animations should not loop indefinitely. Set the number of times an animation should repeat.
Local image source missing Google AdMob
Google Ads
Display & Video 360
References to local image source files should be valid. Add missing images to the Library or move them to the referenced location in your file system.
Pages of different sizes Google AdMob
Google Ads
All pages in the ad should be the same size. Google Ads and AdMob do not support expandable HTML5 ads created by Google Web Designer.
Autoplayed video not muted Display & Video 360 Autoplayed videos should begin muted. Set the Mute property.
Invalid Tap Area event Google AdMob
Display & Video 360
A Tap Area component is connected to an event that will not work on mobile devices.
Invalid URL Google AdMob
Google Ads
URLs should be well-formed and contain no invalid characters. References to assets should use relative paths to resources included in the published .zip file. Exceptions include Google Fonts ( and Google-hosted jQuery ( Add other assets to the Library.
Invalid URL Display & Video 360 URLs should be well-formed and contain no invalid characters. Absolute URLs should use HTTPS.
Invalid URL HTML URLs should be well-formed and contain no invalid characters.
Custom exit found AMPHTML for Google Ads Exits for AMPHTML ads for Google Ads should be configured in the Google Ads interface and not in the creative.
Google API Key missing for Map or Street View components. Display & Video 360
Map and Street View components must have a billable Google API key. Learn more at

AMPHTML ad validation checks

AMPHTML ads undergo additional checks to see whether they're valid AMP documents. For details about specific errors, consult the AMP Validation Errors guide.

Ad guidelines and policies

Find more information on requirements for your ads, check the appropriate help center:

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