Create a new ad from scratch

Select the ad environment

Select the environment that you want the ad to run in.

Google Web Designer supports AdMob, AdWords, and DoubleClick environments. When the ad is published, Google Web Designer adds the appropriate enabler code for the environment you've chosen, and lets you choose from a set of options appropriate for the ad type. 

You can also choose to create a non-Google ad. These ads are published without any enabler code, and may need to be modified to work with the ad environment of your choice.

You can set a default ad environment for new documents in your preferences.

If you need to change the ad environment later, you can edit the ad in Code view.

HTML5 ads for AdWords created in Google Web Designer can only use the following components:

  • Tap Area
  • iFrame
  • Swipeable Gallery
  • Carousel Gallery
  • 360° Gallery
  • Gallery Navigation
  • Image Button
  • Sprite Sheet

Other AdWords limitations for HTML ads can be found at the AdWords Policy page.

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