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Susan JF

Why won't google voice accept a new outgoing voicemail greeting?

I have tried changing it for three separate trips over the last 2 years and not once has Google voice ever accepted the change.  I have followed all the directions perfectly, saved it, listened to it on my laptop and even deleted all the other greetings and it won't accept a new message. It just goes back to the original greeting I made.  This has already ruined three trips because clients keep leaving me messages.  

Why can't this be fixed? I am so frustrated that I am considering discontinuing Google Voice just so I can control my outgoing greeting.  

What else can I do?
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  1. Log into your Google Voice account from a laptop or desktop computer, not from a mobile device, and go here:  https://www.google.com/voice#phones
  2. Ensure that you have at least one working, verified forwarding phone number listed, and it is available to receive phone calls forwarded from Google Voice.
  3. Go to this Settings tab:  https://www.google.com/voice#voicemailsettings
  4. Click "Record New Greeting"
  5. Type a new greeting name into the pop-up dialog box and click "Continue"
  6. Select your phone number to ring, and click "Connect".  Do not select "Google Talk" or "Google Chat", as they are no longer supported
  7. Record your new greeting, press #, listen to it, press 1 to keep or press 2 to re-record, and, when you are done, hang up
  8. Select your new greeting as default, or configure custom groups or contacts to hear the greeting
i am having the same problem .... i have done all of the above and now it will not change from the standard greeting!!! i am trying to put a outgoing message for vacation. i even deleted my original message thinking that was the problem and that is when it went to standard greeting and will not allow me to switch to vacation greeting.  it will say vacation greeting on my computer but when i call the number it is the default greeting for google subscriber!
ps... i have also deleted all greetings and started over rerecording everything, logged out of gmail on the computer and on google voice acct on the phone, and logged back in and it is still giving me the standard greeting!


Alternate Method

If you'd rather not record your greeting or name using the Voicemail & Text tab in Google Voice  Settings on your computer, you can use an alternate recording method using just your phone without your computer. 

First, dial your own Google Voice phone number from any phone. 

You can interrupt your voicemail greeting by pressing the asterisk [ * ] key, enter your PIN (if prompted) then you can listen to new voicemail messages, or press 2 to place an outgoing call, or press 4 to go to the Change Settings phone menu. 

There are other options available to you after you interrupt your voicemail greeting: 

📞Press 4 for Advanced Settings Menu (to Change your settings

📞Press 1 to Change Greeting

📞Press 2 to Change your Spoken Name

📞Follow the prompts to record your name.or greeting
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Turing Machine
Are you sure these are GV outgoing messages? Could they be your cellphone voicemail?

You can prove this by setting Do Not Disturb for a few minutes and testing.

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Susan JF
That suggestion also work for me -- I haven't tested it yet, but went to the Groups and Circles and changed settings there.  It is a real design flaw to not have all that info under one tab, because from the average user (me and others, clearly), when you go to the Voicemail tab, click on a new greeting, hit save, and it appears to have been saved, it leads one to believe that all has been changed.  There really should be directions for changing the settings all together.  So many hours of frustration.......  But, I am happy to finally have had it explained to me.  Thank you!
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