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Google voice app is failing to get any data from server ( call history, billing history, etc). Re installed app. Turned phone on and off. It throws errors like " failed to refresh content", " err… How to I add my messages from my phone, onto GV? So it can all be together in one app. I want to see both my sms messages on my phone an my GV messages within the GV app. Is there a way t…
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Workaround for new call screening/turn off "state your name"/personal voicemail "upgrade" So there's a lot of posts on here saying that if you don't want customers to have to state your name… Ok so my voicemail is doing THIS now... Previously my voicemail was not working in that it would go to the default "The Google Subscriber yo…
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I want to delete my account I wanna delete google voice
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My google voice will not play my custom greeting, despite it being set to active. My google voice recent switched to my default greeting. I have repeatedly changed my greeting to my … I can't send texts via Google Voice (on Hangouts and on Google Voice) I was suddenly unable to send SMS messages via my Google Voice number on Hangouts ("message not deli… "The phone number used cannot be signed up for a Google Voice Number" I'm having an issue and I feel absolutely stumped in resolving it. It doesn't help that there is no …
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Please state your name. Google Voice will try to connect you & voice mail from the previous owner! Please help! We have a company owned phone number which was recently transferred to a new user. call…
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Retreive Google voice account I made a google voice account I don't remember what email address I used for that I also don't remem…
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This phone number can't be used to sign up for a Google Voice. Try verifying with another number I've tried use my phone number but it doesn't let me could someone else be using it How do I recover my google voice account if the associated email has been deleted? I cannot access my Google Voice account to make any updates, changes, or even check messages as the …
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All Outbound calls to the same area code as my are going to busy signal Outbound calls with the same area code as my while using web platform are going to busy signal (I ha…
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My google voice is not allowing me to get texts from someone.They get my texts, I can't get theirs. I can not receive a texts from someone on my google voice number. They can get my texts but I can no…
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I have a Google voice number connected to my Android that isn't mine Four years ago, I created a Google voice number. I used it briefly and then it was deactivated by Go…
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It is not what i wont i wont. To deiet this from my phone I don't want nothing to do with it i don't like it i won't to delete this account i don't want it an… how can i access legacy google voice On March 14, 2019 I clicked the "Legacy Google Voice" link in the drop-down menu (accessed via the h… One specific phone number goes to GV-voicemail recording, not my pre-recorded GV VM My office complex has two security gates with stored phone numbers. Each gate calls from a different…
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Messages Fail to send Hi, I use google voice for personal use their is only 1 person in which I contact through google voi…
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Hi, what's is problem to top up 10£ to my account ? Is problem top up in my account .
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