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I am trying to port my number over and i have a $25 credit balance. I want to use my real number Im trying to port my real number over to google voice because my phone is broken and im using a back…
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always-visible call panel IS THERE AN OPTION TO REMOVE THIS?! How the hell do I turn this "always-visible call panel" off?! It is incredibly annoying and makes it… How to choose the phone number (carrier or Google Voice) before sending SMS message? On a Galaxy S7 running Android 8.0.0, when I make phone calls I'm given a choice between using Googl… Removing the right sidebar. google voice now has a right sidebar that I can't figure out how to remove. the Google pop up window… The keypad is showing on the right side of my google voice. I hide the keypad, but then my list of c I looked for an x to mark it out but cannot find one I want to port my phone number to GV - but also keep my plan with my service provider. I want to port my phone number but I am in a situation where I would like to keep my number with my …
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Spanish text shirley
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Help setting up a new number I am trying to create a new Google number for myself. I had to use my real phone number to set up a …
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Relock number? Can anybody help me here to have my GV # relocked? I initiated a port to at
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Why are my calls being dropped G Voice still dropping calls. This has been going on for a while. I am guessing that google has aban… Calls to the 710 area code do not connect. This area code is in the North American Calling plan. This areacode is in the North American Calling Plan. Google Voice should add this area code to its t…
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How to reclaim my Google Voice number My Google Voice number was reclaimed but I'd like to get it back. Please help.
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What happened to the "Mark All as Read" option? I used to be able to use one click, and all the messages
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Google voice is not showing the same contacts that google contacts has. How can fix this? I recently removed a bunch of contacts from contacts.google.com I was able to sync the correct conta… Legacy Google Voice settings for Contact groups don't work I created a new group of contacts. Legacy Google Voice settings does correctly seem to recognize the…
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Problem porting t-mobile prepaid to GV ERROR I am trying to port my t-mobile prepaid number ( former landline - home number ) to GV, I paid for p…
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