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How to stop getting calls for another company to our google number? We have had the same Google voice number for nearly 8 years. About 2 months ago, we started getting …
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Cannot receive text messages I have been having this issue for almost a year now. Originally asked the help here https://productf… Texts sent from a specific contact not showing When my gf sends me a text message, I don't see it. If I send her a message, Google Voice shows me t… Dlaczego nie mogę doładować konta? Moje karty są odrzucane. Chcę doładować konto, ale nie mogę tego tego zrobić. Moje karty są odrzucane.
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when I call it rings but hangs up after 5 -10 seconds when I call it rings but hangs up after 5 -10 seconds
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My google voice is not forwarding messages to linked mobile number I have been having select issues with text messages being forwarded to my cell phone for months now.…
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I am trying to port my number and am getting a message that your carrier is not supported I am trying to port my number from t-mobile and I get the following message
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How do you delete contacts on your google voice app that are ONLY on app (not on iphone contacts)? I am trying to delete contacts from the Google App, that are solely on the App, not on my iphone con…
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Voice won't recognize Microphone IS enabled on Macbook pro Installed Voice today, can make call from my Iphone ok, Voice won't recognize that the microphone on…
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Phone does not ring when an incoming call My Google Voice is not ringing anymore. It just shows missed call and voicemail. I even paid to chan…
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GV mail does not pickup unless do not disturb is on. Tried all suggestions please help My google voice mail stopped answering about 2 weeks ago and I have tried all the suggestions in the…
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When a triangle with an exclamation point inside it appears after a delivered text, what does this mean Ask Google
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Hide/Remove "Suggested" numbers from my personal account, when using Google Voice I want to use my Google number strictly for work. I can not utilize the Webapp to avoid this issue, … Main number transfers to google voice but not ringing I am aware of this post, BUT: https://support.google.com/voice/forum/AAAAjq5-_rMnjkZRze5nls?hl=en As… Stopped receive all text messages via Google voice on July 22 2019 Starting on July 22, 2019 I stopped receiving text messages to my Google Voice account. I can not se…
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Hello admin I can't send messages from my Google voice number it's write message fail tap to retry Try to text a friend I have a number that is connected to an email that I don't have. I have tried to change the email for my google number and it is connected to an email that I do not …
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My Google voice name states my number as unknown/private number to my receivers My receiver does not see my number in an incoming call from me, it instead show private/ unknown num… Having issues porting my number out of Ting to Google voice Hello, I had freedompop which just transferred my Sprint number to Ting (7/16). I initiated a Google…
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No salen llamada internacionales. Yo lo tengo oncluido en la cuenta My international calls they are not goingout
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