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I have an existing account with google voice number. When I go to log in, I'm being asked to create a new account.

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I have had a google voice account and a google voice # for some time now. I have that number published on business cards and is in my contact file for every person who knows me and wants to reach me by phone. Since the cut over on the new Google apps for business accounts, I can no longer access my google voice account online. When I go to log in to my google voice account I can see the page in the background, but there is a box in the middle of my screen prompting me to signup for a new account. The message in the box reads: "You Have a Hosted Account." "
You are signing up for Google Voice with your  account." Your account including your Google Voice number and call records will belong to domain administrator"  Then it prompts me to "continue with current account".

On the next screen: "Getting Started: Set Up Your Google Voice Number" it reads "You can use Google Voice with a brand new number from Google or your existing mobile phone number."

I don't want either a brand new number from Google, or to use my existing mobile phone number. I want to use my existing Google Voice number (303-578-9447). How can I do this? 

I really need your help with this. It is causing me a great deal of heartburn and would like to have it resolved.  Thank you.
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Jtheim51- I have the same problem... extremely frustrating. I used an Google Apps account to set up Google voice originally and now I am unable to access the Google Voice control panel (settings, etc.). When I try to login to Voice using the apps account that is tied to it I am prompted to "Get Started" with Voice and set up a new number... even though I already have a number set up. It's strange because I am able to place calls using my established Google Voice number through Apps (which shows that GV is integrated with Apps) I am not able to access the Google Voice control panel through the Google Apps account THAT I SET IT UP WITH because they don't integrate. 

Like you, I use my google number for business and it is on all of my marketing collateral as well as business cards. 

Even worse, because Google voice is a free service, there is no live phone support to fix this problem. Even though I manage our 60+ Google Apps account for the company and pay Google $50 per user per year, I have to use a message board to find out how to fix this problem. I just need to access my settings for my existing GV number on the account that the number was set up with. 

bwarditecs - How long have you had this problem? I just tried to log in today with the same problem. I don't dare to click on the "get a new number" or "use my mobile number". This number is important to my business and I need to change some settings. Anyone at Google can help??
Google user
Google user
I don't know how long it's been a problem- presumably since they made all the changes to Apps. I just noticed it yesterday when I went to access my Google Voice inbox. Normally I just use the emails GV sends to my inbox to check it but I want to block a number. Now I can't access it like I used to be able to. 

Google user
Google user
I also called their Googles helpline (because I am the administrator of our Enterprise Apps account) but they don't do phone support for Google voice because it's a free service. They literally don't have anyone that you can be transferred to... never mind that my business is paying google thousands of dollars a year to run Apps. 
Dennis F.
Dennis F.
Same problem here for our voice account.  It seemed to start at the same time as to Apps changes, and Google has seemed to turn a blind eye to everyone's complaints on the subject.  Its a very disappointing response from a company that I otherwise like quite a bit.

Has anyone had any progress with this??
I have the same problem. I have been able to access GV on iphone so I hadn't noticed it until yesterday. 

This seems to be a common problem but I don't see much response from Google. Are they not looking at it after all these complaints???
I have the same issue , I also have the same issue with google maps.
Why wont they look into this, its a joke
Google user
Google user
Still waiting from a response from Google on this... it has now been two weeks. Glad I invested a bunch of money to print marketing collateral with my google voice number on it but now I can't access my inbox... Google, get this straight. If you ever hope to compete for the business of small businesses, you have to be responsive when serious issues occur. I realize that Google Voice is a free application however the problem arises from the integration with Google Apps, which I'm paying $50/ user per year for 60+ users. Get your act together. Restricting access to previous established accounts and ignoring support requests from users paying thousands of dollars a year is not best practice. 

I am having the same problem. We are still getting calls for the time being, but can't actually access the account anymore....  It really seems like this is an issue with the Google Apps migration, but apps support is absolutely no help on this.
Ok. I got it fixed - at least for my situation.

I actually hadn't tried fixing too hard until today I realized that my calls stopped getting forwarded. Whenever the google voice number was dialed, people got a short message saying "Could not complete your call" and hung up. As my number is primary number for business, this was a SERIOUS issue and I started scrambling. Apparently it had been like this for at least the last 3 days!

Anyway, here's what I did.

1. went to and used my google temp account that was assigned during the transition of the apps account. Since when I used my real address it was taking me to a screen to sign up for a new account, that led me to think my original account had not been transferred correctly (ie. it did not know of its existence.) FYI the google temp account is where username and is replaced by your original username and domain name respectively.

2. To further complicate the matter, my google temp account had been disabled since it thought I was a minor (under 18). So I had to either email/fax federal ID or use a credit card and pay 0.30. Unfortunately the former method could take weeks and Google is threatening me that temp account will be eliminated after 30 days, I chose to use credit card. 

3. After reenabling, it took me to the screen to transfer the account to the new apps account. Google voice was part of that and it did that ok.

4. Now I thought I can log into GV using my account, but then I again got the message that I'm a minor and the account is disabled. What's worse is that it also disabled my gmail account!

5. So I went through the same step to reenable the non-temp account. However I later realized maybe I didn't have to as I was able to reenable it from my admin dashboard.

6. After all of this I can confirm calls are now going through and it's all good.

BTW I did try someone else's suggestion of temporarily upgrading to google business account, but that didn't help so I canceled it right away. GV still works even after the cancellation.

I think I had the extra pain because of the account getting disabled, but my tip to people who get the "create new account number" screen is to try logging in using the google temp account. If all is well, it should take you to the account migration screen and from there it should be ok.

Hope this helps!

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