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Use Google Store credit

Important: The information in this article only applies if you have a Google Account.

You can use Google Store credit to make purchases from the Google Store. (You can’t use it for other products like Google Play.)

Get Google Store credit

Google Store credit might be issued to you in different ways. You may earn credit when you trade in an old device through Google Store, when you buy a product in an eligible promotion, or other sources from Google directly.

Google Store credit is maintained in your Google Pay account. The credit will be issued to your Google Pay account within your Google Store account. You'll get a confirmation email when this has been issued. When tied to a promotion, the credit will only be issued once the return period has passed.

Set up your account to get Google Store credit

  1. Go to your Google Store settings.
  2. In the "Google Store credit" section:
    • If you find a balance of any amount, including $0.00, you're all set.
    • If you find the SET UP button, select it and follow the on-screen instructions.

Check Google Store credit balance

  • Go to your Google Store settings or
  • Go to the checkout screen. If you have Google Store credit available, you'll have the option to use that amount in your Google Pay account.

Use Google Store credit

You can use your Google Store credit to buy anything from the Google Store. You can’t use or transfer your Google Store credit to other Google products or services, or cash out (unless legally required).

To use your Google Store credit toward your order, on the checkout screen, mark the checkbox next to "Use your Google Store credit."

Google Store credit acts as a form of payment, and therefore can be used to pay for product promotions, such as discounts, bundles, and pre-orders.


  • If your available credit covers your entire order, the amount will be deducted from your balance.
  • If your available credit doesn’t cover your entire purchase, use an accepted form of payment for the remaining balance.
  • Credit can’t be transferred to friends or family, to different accounts, nor to different payment profiles in an account.
  • Credit can only be used in the region where it was earned, and can’t be used for purchases in different regions.

Use more than one form of payment

You can use these forms of payment with Google Store credit:

Learn how to add a form of payment.

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