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Check warranty eligibility & start repair, replacement, or return

All Google items bought from Google Store, such as Pixel phones or Google Nest, come with a limited warranty.

You can return your item and get a refund if you're within the standard return period. If you return your item, you won’t get a replacement. Learn more about how to return an item.

Before you start a repair or replacement process, you must confirm the warranty type and coverage for your item. If you have Google Store’s Preferred Care, start a claim.

Select your device to confirm warranty coverage and start a repair or replacement process:

What affects eligibility

Item condition

Important: Nothing in this article affects your legal statutory rights.

You may be able to get a replacement or refund if your device:

  • Doesn’t charge properly

  • Doesn't turn on

  • Freezes often

  • Has microphone, speaker, or button issues

  • Has trouble getting internet or cell signal

You may not be able to get a replacement or refund for your device if:

  • You dropped the item and it got damaged.

  • Debris entered the USB-C port and it stopped working.

  • You lost the device, it’s stolen, or you don’t have it anymore.

  • The device malfunctions due to liquid damage.

Where you bought the item

Important: Nothing in this article affects your legal statutory rights.

If you bought your Made-by-Google device from an approved third-party retailer, the device may be eligible for:

  • Warranty options from that retailer
  • Google's limited warranty

Contact the retailer or the manufacturer directly. To find the manufacturer contact info, go to the warranty center.

You returned the wrong item
Important: Google repair isn't available in Japan and Taiwan.

When you make a replacement or repair claim, make sure the item you send is under warranty. If we receive any other device, it won’t be covered for replacement or repair.

If you send the wrong device as part of a warranty claim:

  1. Google contacts you based on the contact details you provide in the warranty claim.
  2. We can send your item back to you through our carrier partner:
    • You must pay the shipping costs.
    • Your signature may be required for you to receive the shipment.
    • If the item is lost or damaged during shipment, Google isn't responsible.
    • If we can't reach you within 60 days, we destroy the device.

If we believe you made a false warranty claim, we reserve the right to destroy phones or any item we receive. If you send an item other than the one referenced in your warranty claim, this may be considered a false claim.

Warranty coverage after a replacement or repair

Important: Devices refurbished from retailers come with a 90-day warranty instead of the original warranty period.

Because of a claim, you might get:

  • Replacement (pristine or refurbished) or in-warranty repair by Google or an authorized repair partner

Usually, your manufacturer's warranty covers the replacement or repaired device for whichever is longer:

  • As long as the original warranty lasts
  • 90 days

This term depends among manufacturers, so consult the warranty for your product. You may also have more legal rights depending on your country or region.

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