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Return a device for a refund

You can return items within 15 days after you get them. If you bought Nest Thermostat or Nest Protect from the Google Store, you can return your device within 30 days.

Google will refund the account you paid with within 14 business days after we get the device back. The return doesn't include your original shipping and handling charges.

Note: If you haven’t received your order yet, see how to change or cancel it.

Step 1: Tell us what you want to return
  1. Go to your Google Store order history.
  2. Under the order you want to return, tap Return order.
    • If you see "Device is not eligible for return," your order either hasn’t shipped yet or has passed the 15-day return limit. If it hasn’t shipped yet, you may be able to cancel or change your order.​
  3. Follow the onscreen instructions. After a few hours, you’ll get a confirmation email.
  4. Follow the instructions in the email.
Step 2: Wrap it up

Include the items below in your package:

  • The original box
  • The device or accessory
  • Accessories, documentation, and anything else that came with the device
  • The form in your return confirmation email (learn how to find your device serial number if you need it)

Don’t include:

  • Your SIM card
  • Accessories that didn’t come with the device, like cases or extended batteries

Make sure to transfer, back up, or erase all personal and other data on the device before sending it to Google. Google isn’t responsible for any use or disclosure of any data that's on the device.

For more information on how to back up your device, visit the Pixel Help Center or the Nexus Help Center.

Step 3: Send it back to Google

Package and ship the device using the label and instructions from the return confirmation email.

Exchanges aren't available

Exchanges aren’t available for devices bought from the Google Store. Instead, you can return your purchase and use your refund to buy a different item.

Fix or replace defective devices

If you think your device is defective, visit the Warranty Center for more information or contact us to get help.

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