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Create Google Ads call-only ads

In a mobile, always connected world, many advertisers want customers to call rather than visit a website. And for customers who want to order takeout, solve a complicated problem, or enjoy more personal service, a phone call is often the best option.

To better target customers on their mobile phones, create call-only ads in your Google Ads ad groups. These ads include a business phone number, and offer a convenient “Call” button so customers can reach your business.



Best practice

Create an ad group that exclusively contains call-only ads to specify a different bid adjustment or bid strategy for your call-only ads.


Create a call-only ad

  1. Navigate to a Google Ads ad group.
    Steps for navigating to an ad group
    1. In the left navigation panel, click All accounts.
      What if the left navigation pane isn't visible?

    2. Click the navigation bar to display navigation options.

    3. In the "Agency" list, click the agency that contains the advertiser. You can search for an agency by name or scroll through the list.

    4. In the "Advertiser" list, click the advertiser that contains the engine account.

    5. In the "Account" list, click the engine account that contains the campaign.

    6. In the "Campaign" list, click the campaign that contains the ad group.

    7. In the "Ad group" list, click the ad group.

    8. Click Apply or press the Enter key.

    Search Ads 360 displays the ad group page.

  2. Click the Ads tab.
  3. Click the New ▼ button, and then click Call only ad.
  4. Enter the properties for the new ad as described in the sections below.
  5. Under Show my ad with, select whether the ad includes a Google forwarding number or your business phone number.
  6. Optional for Google forwarding numbers:
    1. Select the Count call as phone call conversions checkbox to report conversions for calls that last more than 60 seconds.
    2. If you want to use a different call conversion action, under Conversion action, click the ▼(down arrow), and then click a different call extension conversion action. Other conversion actions are available if you created them in Search Ads 360 or Google Ads.
  7. Click Save.

You can use a bulksheet to create and edit call-only ads.


Google Ads call-only ad properties

Business name
Type the name of your business. Note that the business name may sometimes be displayed in the ad instead of the phone number.
Phone number

Click the ▼ (down arrow) to display the list of country codes and then select the code. Enter your business phone number in the format for the selected country. For example, for a US number, enter the area code in parenthesis, followed by the phone number, including the hyphen. (123) 555-1212.

Note that an error isn't displayed if the phone number isn't in the correct format. Instead, a trafficking error occurs.

Description line 1
First line of the ad.
Character limit: 35
Description line 2
Second line of the ad.
Character limit: 35
Display URL
The URL that will appear on the ad.
The URL must start with http:// or https://. Enter the rest of the URL. Note that any URL templates are ignored because clicks initiate phone calls instead of a clickserver URL.
Character limit: 35
Phone number verification URL

When you create a call-only add, you’re also required to provide an verification URL to enable Google to confirm the phone number shown in your ads.

Learn more about the Google Ads phone number verification policy for call-only ads.

Enter a website URL, including http:// or https:// in the URL, that displays your number.

Show my ad with
  • A Google forwarding number and use call reporting

    This option is selected by default. Google forwarding numbers report phone call metrics such as the call start and end time, caller area code, and whether the call was connected. If you use a Google forwarding number, you can also choose the call duration, such as 60 or 90 seconds, that will count as a conversion.

    Google will generate a phone number and display it in the ad instead of displaying the number you entered in the Phone number field. When a customer calls the generated number, Google Ads uses the number to record a conversion, and then forwards the call to the number you entered in the Phone number field.

    Google forwarding numbers are available only in certain countries.

    Your Google forwarding number is designed to track your online ad performance for call conversions, and your number(s) may change between ad groups and vary over time. Therefore, we don't recommend that you post or promote this number beyond your online ad campaigns with Google Ads. Learn more about Google forwarding numbers.

    If you use a Google forwarding number, the following options are available under Report conversions:

  • My own phone number (don't use call reporting)

    Indicates that the ad's phone number is your business phone number.

    In reports, call duration and area code are not available because these statistics are available only for Google forwarding numbers. 

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