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Preview a creative

In the Preview step of the Creatives tab workflow, you can review how your final creative will look, customize creative display and behavior, and test events.

Previewing dynamic creatives is different than previewing standard creatives. To preview dynamic creatives, use one of the guides below:

See how your final creative will look

The creative displays automatically on DoubleClick Studio's default website or on your last successfully loaded preview site. To preview on a different site, enter the address in the URL field and press Enter. To preview on a blank white screen, click preview in blank screen (Blank) on the top-left of the preview area.

To see how a creative will look on a mobile device, install the Creative Preview app and push the preview directly to your device.

Set creative display options

Click Display properties to adjust the creative's settings based on its format type.

If you save the changes you make in the Display properties screen, they'll be reflected in the live creative that's served.

Creative properties vary depending on the format type you selected when you first added a new creative. For creative properties for different formats, see:

Test custom event tracking

Test any custom events you wish to record in your creative to make sure they're recording at the right time. This ensures that the right metrics will be included in your campaign reports. To test events, use the Event summary panel, which logs standard and custom events. Events are displayed at the bottom of the event summary panel.

To make sure creative events are recording properly:

  1. Click Show details, then open the Event summary (output console) section of the Creative details panel.
  2. Play around with your creative preview. Click on any buttons that should trigger custom counters, exits or timers. If your creative has video, play the video and try out the video controls to make sure video events are logged.
  3. If events don't fire when expected, check your creative code to make sure the appropriate custom event code has been added.

Use the Event summary panel

The event summary panel displays the total number of events in your creative, and real-time event logging as you interact with your creative preview.

Here are some tips for using the panel as you review events:

  • Enter an event name in the "Event name" field to search for a specific event.
  • Make the event list easier to review by applying filters to the event list:
    • Type: Filter the display by event types.
    • Show: Filter the display by triggered or untriggered events, depending on whether you tested them in the Preview tab.

Use the event log panel

Open the Event log panel beneath the Event summary (output console). The event log shows real-time logs for standard and custom events. Events include a time stamp, event type, and event name. As events are triggered in the preview, each new event is displayed at the top of the list.

Click Clear log if you need to clear out the list and start over. Only the log display is cleared; counts will not be zeroed out.

When you've finished previewing your creative, click Next to proceed to the Publish step.
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