Display properties: Push-down

A push-down creative is like an expanding ad, with one difference–it pushes down the content of the webpage when the creative expands, moving the page content out of the way to display the expanded ad.

Push-down functionality isn't built into the assets of the creative. All push-downs are expanding creatives that expand downward. To turn an expanding creative into a push-down, there's a push-down setting in DCM or DFP that's applied when the ad is trafficked. You can preview this functionality by adjusting the display properties in the Preview step of DoubleClick Studio's Creatives tab.

Push-downs only work for desktop creatives that expand downward. If your creative expands another direction, the push-down checkbox will be disabled.

Set your creative to push down page content

  1. In the Preview tab, click Show details Show details.
  2. In the panel that opens on the right, click Display properties.
  3. Check Push-down.
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